Cabin Fever 2011

15 and 16 January 2011

York, PA

29 January 2011 UPDATE: I found some more photos on the storage card i the video camera.  They are HERE.

Terri, I and the boys headed down to York on Thursday 13 January as I was going to attend Ron Ginger's CNC workshop on Friday afternoon so rather than leaving Preston before dawn on Friday and rushing to get to York on time on Friday it seemed a better idea to go a day early.  We went to the event venue Thursday afternoon and laid down tags to reserve space for when the trip bus arrived on Friday afternoon.  So we will start out with some photos of the hall on Thursday afternoon before things really got rolling.

As always if you are reading this page and recognize an engine or person and you would be willing to share some information about the photo please send a note to and I will be delighted to update the page.  Please hover your pointer over the photo in question and send me the last three digits of the photo number.

Thanks to all who were responsible for this wonderful event.  Especially Gary Schonley who is the Grand Pooh-Bah of Cabin Fever.  Gary's ongoing efforts to provide this venue for us to participate in is hugely appreciated!

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Lets start off with the now traditional photo of Rollie Gaucher and Dave Osier celebrating another Cabin Fever Expo with Roy Bear and Eddie Moose

Slide Show

A fellow on the HSM board ( ) commented that he would like to be able to see the photos in slide show format so I went looking for a program that would do that.  Give it a try if you would.  I will continue to post photos in the usual format but if this slide show thing roves popular I will add it to future pages.  I am not pleased with the rate at which the photos change and will look into slowing down the slide show also the watermarking will disappear when I get the paid version of the software.

                                                 Video here Posted 21 January 2011


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Empty tables waiting for exhibitors, a quiet boat pond and my favorite travel companion, my wife of 44 years Terri Groff

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DSC08681.jpg (150237 bytes)  DSC08682.jpg (169863 bytes)  DSC08683.jpg (142414 bytes)  DSC08684.jpg (150198 bytes)  DSC08685.jpg (177382 bytes)  A reception was enjoyed by vendors and exhibitors on Saturday evening after the show closed.

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DSC08699.jpg (156876 bytes)  DSC08700.jpg (122120 bytes)  I had hoped to get a group photo of the NEMES bus group but since many folks were already on the bus and Bea Boucher was loath to let them off (think herding cats) I settled for this photo.

Vic Kozakevich had a talk with the owner of the car below and has sent this information about it.  

This steam powered car is based on a British kit from around 2005, one of 50 sold. Known as a "Likeamobile", it is an interpretation of the original Locomobile circa 1900. The current owner purchased it  from someone who had fully assembled  it, but wasn't able to get it running. The car was stripped down and rebuilt, and the kit engine displayed on the table was replaced with an original Locomobile engine mounted under the seat. The modern steel water tube boiler  is fired by a 12 volt gun type oil burner  mounted in the luggage basket. Top speed is about 20 mph.

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Seen around the pbat pond.

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DSC08640.JPG (202379 bytes)  DSC08666.JPG (219262 bytes)  DSC08667.JPG (206707 bytes)  A dirt pile for big kids.

DSC08616.JPG (155448 bytes)  DSC08617.JPG (190229 bytes)  The story I heard on this small auto was that it was built for Walter Chrysler's son in the 1920's.  It was at auction and the bid reached $14,000 but did not reach the reserve.  

DSC08574.JPG (168047 bytes)  DSC08575.JPG (164325 bytes)  DSC08576.JPG (212563 bytes)  DSC08577.JPG (188063 bytes)  DSC08578.JPG (165898 bytes)  This model represents the first engine to successfully power a steam vessel.  It predates Robert Fultons effort.

DSC08589.JPG (178932 bytes)

DSC08567.JPG (182900 bytes)  Frank Dorion found a tiny milling machine with a 10,000 RPM spindle.  I firmly believe that Frank's finds emit "Frank pheromones" that drift through the air whispering "Frank come get me".

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Ron Ginger, with the sponsorship on Little Machine Shop put on a great CNC workshop.  Well attended and much was learned by all attendees.

DSC08550.JPG (148883 bytes)  Mike Rehmus and is wife set up their display.


Cabin Fever Expo 2010  21 January 2010


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