Cabin Fever Expo 2009

York, PA

Did bitter cold and an uncertain economy keep model engineering enthusiasts from coming out to one of the finest shows in the country?  Heck no!  Cabin Fever 2009 was very well attended, many $$$'s were spent at the auction and vendor booths were busy from what I could see.

It was, as always, great to see fellows from around the country and enjoy the best in fellowship that our hobby offers.

This article has three pages.  Page one and two are my photos and comments and page 3 has photos sent in by Norm Jones.  Norm's section has many photos from the evening reception at the York Agricultural and Industry Museum.  

27 February 2009  I just received a CD with photos from AL Goldberg.  



DSC05360.jpg (128635 bytes)  DSC05361.jpg (123949 bytes)  DSC05362.jpg (151114 bytes)  DSC05363.jpg (205670 bytes)  DSC05364.jpg (134853 bytes)  DSC05367.jpg (71864 bytes) 

DSC05365.jpg (125516 bytes)  DSC05366.jpg (97478 bytes) Truly awesome model Duesenberg

DSC05370.jpg (142646 bytes)  DSC05369.jpg (116886 bytes) 

DSC05372.jpg (87012 bytes)  Bea Boucher, NEMES president Dick Boucher's wife

DSC05374.jpg (104230 bytes) Al Goldberg, NEMES member and one of my dependable photo contributors

DSC05375.jpg (122718 bytes)  Terri Groff, long patient wife of your webmaster Errol

DSC05376.jpg (135748 bytes)  DSC05378.jpg (121215 bytes) L to R are ???, Ray HasBrouck and Norm Jones

DSC05379.jpg (117970 bytes)  DSC05384.jpg (122670 bytes)  DSC05382.jpg (103819 bytes)  DSC05385.jpg (106657 bytes)

DSC05380.jpg (132450 bytes)  Ron Ginger (L) and Clive Dalby examine an Atlas lathe that someone bought 

DSC05383.jpg (125819 bytes)  L to R are ???, Henry Szostek and Russ Steeves

DSC05386.jpg (99774 bytes) (L) Dick Boucher current NEMES president and (R) Ron Ginger, founder and past president of NEMES

MPG  WMV    Something a little different, Hawk Chow.  We saw this outside our back door.

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The loco chassis on the yellow trailer in the left most photo above belongs to Fred Eisner ( ) The boiler was brought by the folks from Wasatch and mated to the chassis at the show.  

DSC05405.jpg (99327 bytes)  DSC05406.jpg (144357 bytes)  

MPG    WMV  Engine            MPG   WMV   AL beam engine and steam siren

DSC05407.jpg (220521 bytes)  DSC05408.jpg (106564 bytes)  DSC05409.jpg (115638 bytes)  DSC05410.jpg (130250 bytes)  DSC05410.jpg (130250 bytes)  DSC05411.jpg (103001 bytes)  DSC05412.jpg (140904 bytes)  DSC05413.jpg (120087 bytes)  DSC05414.jpg (106837 bytes)  DSC05415.jpg (113440 bytes)  

DSC05416.jpg (132195 bytes)  DSC05417.jpg (137977 bytes)  MPG  WMV

MPG   WMV  Pedal train and boat pond

MPG   WMV  Air engines


DSC05419.jpg (109629 bytes)  DSC05420.jpg (133221 bytes)  DSC05421.jpg (152036 bytes)  DSC05422.jpg (133235 bytes)  DSC05423.jpg (118495 bytes)  DSC05424.jpg (240778 bytes)  DSC05425.jpg (115981 bytes)  DSC05426.jpg (97235 bytes)  DSC05427.jpg (105130 bytes)

MPG   WMV  Engines


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