Cabin Fever Expo 2008

York, Pennsylvania

19 and 20 January 2008

Well, another Cabin Fever has come and gone.  The show was held this year in the Toyota Center at  the York Fairgrounds, a larger and brighter venue that the previous building.  Although there was more room in the two halls at time is seemed as crowded as in years past which would seem to indicate a great turnout for the Expo.  

My wife, Terri, and I got there with the boys on Friday afternoon and set up my "stuff" in the area which Ron Ginger, who had gotten there even earlier,  had marked off for the NEMES group.  This year more  than thirty NEMES members came down on a charter bus from the Boston area and we managed to occupy an entire length of tables with a couple of fellows spilling over onto the next table section.   

These are the photos I took with some video clips to follow in a few days. We will start off with the traditional photo of Rollie Gaucher and Dave Osier with the boys.

Video Department

Bumble  Bee 1 Bumble Bee 2 Harold Siebert Three Engines
More Engines More Engines More Engines 2 Sterling Cycle
Portable Highline      


NEW NEW NEW   At our March meeting Norm Jones handed me a CD with his photos of Cabin Fever 2008. They may be seen HERE


Photos by Errol Groff unless otherwise labeled

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This Union Pacific "Big Boy" is being built by CALS member Steve McDonald.  For those who don't know Steve please be aware that this enormous project is being undertaken by a fellow who also works as an auto mechanic from his wheelchair.  I guess it proves once again that we are capable of doing just about whatever we make up our minds to do.

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Ernest Smith the creator of wooden wonders

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Russ Steeves (C) chats with a couple of other fellows

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Jim Voldening is the builder of these very neat small engines

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Neat display of very small I.C. engines

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L to R are Eddie Moose, Roy Bear and Miss Taffy Bear

DSC03165.jpg (112244 bytes)  Ernie Smith (L) and Ray HasBrouck  DSC03166.jpg (121218 bytes)

DSC03167.jpg (115574 bytes)  

Ron Ginger converted a small mill to three axis CNC control and it was raffled off on Sunday afternoon.  I held a ticket for the third prize in the raffle and picked up a nice Phase II digital caliper.

DSC03168.jpg (160231 bytes)  T

hat is NEMES president Dick Boucher sitting

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The boys kept a close eye on my display, however they are not much help at answering questions.

DSC03170.jpg (128415 bytes)  

Dave Bugbee displays his beautiful ornamental turnings

DSC03171.jpg (111301 bytes) 

DSC03172.jpg (118692 bytes)  

Russ Steeves shows something to a show visitor

DSC03173.jpg (98460 bytes)

DSC03174.jpg (98624 bytes)  

Seated is Frank Stouffer and standing is Rich Hubbard

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(R) is Todd Cahill, NEMES secretary

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Rich Carlstadt was surrounded by a swarm of admirers while showing his Ericcson engine from the U.S.S. Monitor.  Also on display was Rich's hypocycloidal engine.  Designed by the brilliant English engineer Murray the engine features many innovations which enabled Murray to work around James Watts patents which has the early steam industry in a vise grip. Pictures of Rich's Green Bay Wisconsin shop are seen at

DSC03182.jpg (94477 bytes)  DSC03183.jpg (80958 bytes)  DSC03184.jpg (99360 bytes)

DSC03185.jpg (168182 bytes)  DSC03186.jpg (123565 bytes) 

I have had an inquiry about this engine.  Owner, builder, type of engine and so on.  If you can supply any info it will be greatly appreciated.  Please send to


The boat ponds were consistently busy over the two days with a wide variety of craft.

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One of my correspondents asked for photos of the inner works of steam powered model boats

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Frank Dorion (L) and Dave Osier chat

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