Cabin Fever Expo 2007

January 20, 21 2007

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This page is posted on 25 January 2007.  I had at the show my new Panasonic video camera and am about to start figuring out how to get the pictures out of the camera and onto the web.  Please check back after a while to see if I have been successful in that effort.  The video clips will be available in the streaming format so that long download time should not be problem.  I hope.

4 February 2007:  I haven't had much luck with the streaming video yet.  Just not satisfied with the quality of the picture after compression for streaming. Let's try this instead.

8 February 2007  Your computer may allow you to click or double click on the links below and start the video clips right away or you may have to do the following:

Right click on the link you want to use.  Left click on "save target as" and select a convenient location on your hard drive to send the file.

I must apologize for the quality of the video clips for you dial up folks.  In compressing the file to make it practical for the dial up user the quality of the picture really suffers.  Again I apologize but don't know yet what to do to improve her situation.

I am continuing to work with the video program and will have more clips up shortly.

Friday Afternoon clip.  This clip is meant for users with broadband access.  The file size is about 16.4MB 

Friday Afternoon clip.  This clip for the 56K folks.  File size is about 2.2MB

Short Clip 1 for broadband        Short Clip 1 for dialup

Short Clip 2 for broadband        Short Clip 2 for dialup

Short Clip 3 for broadband        Short Clip 3 for dialup

Short Clip 4 for broadband        Short Clip 4 for dialup

Short Clip 5 for broadband        Short Clip 5 for dialup

Short Clip 6 for broadband        Short Clip 6 for dialup


DSC00286.JPG (64785 bytes)  DSC00287.JPG (51807 bytes)  Beautiful work by Doug Kelly of Lake Wylie S.C.

DSC00288.JPG (62104 bytes)  DSC00289.JPG (36745 bytes)

On the left, that's me, Errol Groff, setting up at the NEMES area.  Next are Roy Bear and Eddie Moose keeping an eye on my Double Murdock Engine.  Ed guards the whistle display and finally Roy next to the steam engine.  You probably can't quite see it but Roy is wearing his T shirt from the Iowa State Fair.  Those boys do get around!  Finally my wife and favorite traveling companion Terri and the boys. 

DSC00228.JPG (119676 bytes)  DSC00229.JPG (124750 bytes)  DSC00230.JPG (71758 bytes)  DSC00231.JPG (60215 bytes)  DSC00243.JPG (50568 bytes)

DSC00232.JPG (49663 bytes)  DSC00233.JPG (37739 bytes) I have started building Ray HasBrouck's #8 engine.  The frame is machined and the cylinder blocks are partially done.

DSC00234.JPG (65549 bytes)  DSC00235.JPG (53869 bytes)  The auction was going strong when we got there Friday afternoon and continued for a LONG time.

DSC00236.JPG (45564 bytes)  DSC00237.JPG (59175 bytes)  DSC00238.JPG (69119 bytes)  DSC00239.JPG (53210 bytes) 

DSC00241.JPG (49672 bytes) The Submarine Committee was well represented.  The U5314 is a model of a WWII German two man submarine.    

DSC00244.JPG (63400 bytes)  DSC00245.JPG (50268 bytes)

DSC00242.JPG (64580 bytes) There were many model trains running on elevated tracks.      

DSC00246.JPG (47962 bytes)  DSC00247.JPG (50653 bytes)  DSC00247.JPG (50653 bytes) I can just see building one of these in the shop at school.  The powers that be would have a kitten.  No one has a sense of humor any more!

(L) With his back to the camera is Steve Peters talking to Rick. Next photo is Ray HasBrouck, master engine designer and craftsman.  Next is Frank Stauffer and finally (R) is Norm Jones, past president of NEMES chatting with a show visitor.

DSC00248.JPG (59108 bytes)  DSC00249.JPG (55864 bytes)  DSC00252.JPG (67237 bytes)  DSC00253.JPG (61355 bytes) 

DSC00250.JPG (61103 bytes)  The boys rarely have  any problem getting hugs from the pretty women!

DSC00254.JPG (51562 bytes)  On of two beautiful tanks.  About 24" long not including the main gun

DSC00255.JPG (48851 bytes) Rich Sobol, NEMES member and T-shirt purveyor.  My wife describes him as the "best T-shirt dealer ever.

DSC00256.JPG (47661 bytes)  DSC00257.JPG (77697 bytes)  DSC00258.JPG (71271 bytes)   Ed Smerz built this beautiful engine.  No castings

DSC00260.JPG (58732 bytes)  DSC00261.JPG (59783 bytes)  DSC00262.JPG (64127 bytes)  DSC00264.JPG (41408 bytes)  

DSC00265.JPG (58898 bytes) This set up demonstrated the machining of a small bevel gear.  The microscope was necessary to see the workpiece.

(L) A really poor photo of Dave Strickler,  next are Harvey Noel and his wife, followed by Ron Ginger in conversation and finally Rick ??? in conversation with a show visitor about his beautiful hot air motor fans.

  DSC00266.JPG (102090 bytes)  DSC00267.JPG (60237 bytes)  DSC00268.JPG (52445 bytes) DSC00269.JPG (59322 bytes)

DSC00270.JPG (71414 bytes) Collection of model airplane engines

  DSC00271.JPG (54917 bytes)  DSC00272.JPG (54058 bytes)  Ron Newman encourages show visitors to try their hand at the anodizing process. Ron sells anodizing supplies and a very informative manual about the subject.

DSC00274.JPG (46876 bytes)  DSC00275.JPG (50964 bytes)  DSC00275.JPG (50964 bytes)  DSC00276.JPG (45337 bytes)  Dick Boucher, NEMES president, and first time Cabin Fever Expo exhibitor had this clever angle plate that he made as an apprentice project more than a few years ago.

DSC00277.JPG (57657 bytes)  The fellow with the beard is Gary Schonley the fellow who pus on the Expo talking with Bob Cumings owner of New England Brass (wearing the hat).

DSC00278.JPG (77972 bytes)  DSC00279.JPG (60883 bytes)  This engine is a work of art to say the least.  I don't have the patience for that level of polishing that's for sure.

 DSC00280.JPG (66254 bytes)  DSC00281.JPG (67597 bytes)  DSC00282.JPG (64080 bytes)

DSC00283.JPG (52338 bytes)  DSC00284.JPG (46771 bytes)    A well made overhead valve model aircraft engine by Rick Dracikiewicz

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