Cabin Fever Expo 2006

21, 22 January 2006

York Fairgrounds, York PA

My wife and I traveled down from eastern Connecticut on Friday 20 January to York.  Upon arrival at the fair grounds we found the tables that had been marked of for NEMES by Ray Hasbrouck who had arrived even earlier than we had.

We set up my things and while we were doing that Dave Bono and his wife, Romaine, arrived and we helped them move their things into the show hall.  While that was going on the bus pulled in and the rest of our mob was soon busy setting up displays of all sorts.

I am using a new camera and wanted to take lots of pictures.  On the other hand I wanted to keep it under control in case I got home with a bunch of not so great photos.  I tried to photograph things that would be of wide interest to anyone reading these pages but avoid excess duplication of photos taken in previous years.  Up to you to decided how I did!

So, in no particular order here is Cabin Fever Expo 2006

PICT0022A.JPG (44946 bytes) Left is Terri Groff and right is Dave Bono  PICT0106A.JPG (329478 bytes)

  PICT0023A.JPG (37440 bytes)  PICT0024A.JPG (51904 bytes)  I didn't recall seeing this robot before so I included it here

PICT0027A.JPG (46575 bytes) My students frequently ask to make plumb bobs and I spotted these so they could see what a real plumb bob looks like

  PICT0028A.JPG (42096 bytes)   (L) Romaine Bono and Terri Groff


Friday evening most of the bus trip fellows and a number of other members who had traveled separately gathered at the Old Country Buffet restaurant for supper.  It turned out to be a nice get together with much good conversation.

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There were, of course, model representing the widest range of interests

PICT0044A.JPG (499362 bytes)  PICT0045A.JPG (146064 bytes)  PICT0046A.JPG (120251 bytes)  PICT0047A.JPG (115357 bytes) 

  PICT0049A.JPG (94832 bytes)  Ron Ginger (R) founding father of NEMES chats with the folks at Easy CNC.  On Saturday morning a very interesting talk was given by Dave Benson the owner of Easy CNC on the subject of homebrew CNC machining.  You can reach Dave at , or  I purchased the Easy CNC book from Dave and two other books about PIC controllers that turned out to be WAY over my head.  Well, just something more to learn!

  PICT0050A.JPG (104067 bytes)  This 1:1 steam engine was in the hall

  PICT0053A.JPG (111079 bytes) PICT0031B.JPG (134996 bytes)  The left hand picture approaches the hopes I have for the new camera.  Of course it is the poor craftsman who blames the tool.  I have a long way to go before I am comfortable with the new "tool".

  PICT0054A.JPG (107141 bytes)  PICT0055A.JPG (91144 bytes)  This homebrew EDM machine was built from the plans published by Ben Fleming.  The builder, in the left hand photo is Rich of Green Bay Wisconsin.  Ben's book is available from Lindsay Publications and there is quite an active Yahoo group to support builders.  The group is EDMBuilders if you are interested.

  PICT0056A.JPG (108232 bytes)  PICT0057A.JPG (123052 bytes)  PICT0058A.JPG (162856 bytes) 

PICT0059A.JPG (116934 bytes)  PICT0060A.JPG (483948 bytes)  PICT0061A.JPG (144289 bytes)  PICT0061A.JPG (144289 bytes)  PICT0063A.JPG (109127 bytes)  PICT0064A.JPG (118341 bytes)

PICT0065A.JPG (131918 bytes)  PICT0068A.JPG (60555 bytes)  PICT0069A.JPG (116549 bytes)  PICT0070A.JPG (120331 bytes)  PICT0071A.JPG (122159 bytes)  PICT0072A.JPG (440896 bytes)

PICT0074A.JPG (103972 bytes) 


  PICT0075A.JPG (127526 bytes)  PICT0076A.JPG (450822 bytes)  PICT0077A.JPG (160306 bytes)   

  PICT0079A.JPG (114576 bytes)   PICT0078A.JPG (394646 bytes)     PICT0081A.JPG (408258 bytes)

The gentleman in the third photo over is Clarence Meyers, owner of Meyers Casting and a driving force behind the North American Model Engineering show to be held this year in Toledo OH.

PICT0080A.JPG (137923 bytes)  PICT0085A.JPG (115889 bytes)  PICT0082A.JPG (136245 bytes)  PICT0083A.JPG (373757 bytes)    PICT0084A.JPG (119591 bytes)  


  PICT0089A.JPG (456071 bytes)  PICT0090A.JPG (121716 bytes)  PICT0091A.JPG (108005 bytes)

  PICT0087A.JPG (346896 bytes)  PICT0088A.JPG (421802 bytes)      

PICT0092A.JPG (127843 bytes)  PICT0093A.JPG (136667 bytes)  PICT0094A.JPG (90124 bytes)  PICT0096A.JPG (94058 bytes)  PICT0097A.JPG (71803 bytes) 

I thought this overhead cam model airplane engine was a real work of art.

  PICT0099A.JPG (85709 bytes) PICT0100A.JPG (94083 bytes)  PICT0101A.JPG (72410 bytes)  PICT0102A.JPG (75307 bytes) 

  PICT0104A.JPG (116465 bytes)    PICT0107A.JPG (135469 bytes)

Photo 1. is the group that came down on the bus, photo 2 are a couple of Johnny come latelys who were not present for the group photo and photo 3 is the patient bus driver who puts up with our foolishness.

 1. PICT0108A.JPG (108024 bytes) 2.   PICT0109A.JPG (387001 bytes) 3.  PICT0110A.JPG (57034 bytes)  

 PICT0111A.JPG (97511 bytes)  My wife, Terri, and Mrs. Meyers of Meyers Castings (see pictures above) talk about Alaska.  Turns out that both the Meyers and ourselves were in Alaska at about the same time last summer.  Funny, I don't remember seeing them up there.

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