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Steve Lovely's Whistle Drawing      Download here

Slide Whistle Drawing                   Download here

1. 1_Turn_OD.jpg (81472 bytes)  1A Jig_D.jpg (73088 bytes) 2. 2_Mill_Flat.jpg (79481 bytes) 2AJig_C.jpg (86281 bytes)   

3. 3_Mill_Second_Flat.jpg (72601 bytes)  3AJig_B.jpg (79868 bytes)  4. 4_Drill_Crosshole.jpg (70233 bytes)  4A Jig_A.jpg (84916 bytes) 

5. 8_Tubing_Sections.jpg (64063 bytes)  6. 5_Assemble_2.jpg (92105 bytes)  7. 6_Face_Off_Mouthpiece.jpg (78694 bytes)  8. 7_Turn_Ball_End.jpg (85052 bytes)

DXF drawing of the jig shown 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A

This sequence shows how I make these whistles.  You may find a better way!  If so please let me know!  Several fellows have made their whistles using aluminum for the core and copper tubing for the outside.  If you do this be sure to have a good press fit on the fipple.  Good luck and I hope you get a good deal of enjoyment from making your Steve Lovely whistle.

Other Stuff

Three Wire Thread Formulas  14 August 2008  

Drill and Tap Chart sent by Steve Smith of Brownville ME  This is an Excel file.

This method of making graduated collars was contributed by Mike Burdick.  It is posted here with his permission.   Added 14 October 2006

Making Graduated Collars1.pdf

An email from member Bill Brackett had these .DOC files attached.  This text describes them:

I have a copy of 'Shop Theory' from the Henry Ford Trade School that I
got from the museum. While browsing through the book I came across the
attached tables. They contain all the drill sizes from #80 to Z in
order and include metric units. I thought this was pretty broad minded
and far sighted of Henry back in 1944 to include metric units in the

Thank you Bill for taking the time to contribute this useful information!  I have taken the liberty of also putting them in PDF format so that folks like myself can zoom in on the small text.

Decimal Equivalents of Drill Sized 1  (Word .DOC 488KB)

Decimal Equivalents of Drill Sized 2  (Word .DOC 488KB)

Decimal Equivalents of Drill Sized 1  (PDF 6599KB)

Decimal Equivalents of Drill Sized 2   (PDF 6599KB)

Sliding Vise Trick

SB Tailstock Nut Idea

Kaynor CAPT Problems 

Unit 54 Tapers and Taper Turning

LeBlond Taper Attachment Info

NL Day Article 15 September 2002

MTO Indexing information (3939KB)

Tangential Wheel Dresser (J&S Fluidmotion 2003 KB)

Angles of a 1 in 10 and 1 in 20 taper

9 March 2005 While putting up new book shelves to get things out of boxes and off the floor I found the Ellis Dividing brochure I had been searching for.  I have re-scanned the brochure and re-posted it.

Ellis Dividing Head Brochure Front of page

Ellis Dividing Head Brochure Back of page

Ellis Dividing Chart

Ellis Dividing Exploded View

Ellis Dividing Instructions

Ellis dividing Parts List



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