2006 North American Model Engineering Show

Seagate Convention Center, Toledo Ohio

My wife and I arrived in Toledo for this years NAMES show on Friday afternoon at about 4:30.  After checking into the Radisson hotel which is attached to the convention center I scurried down to the show hall and located the other members of the New England Model Engineering Society.  The guys had saved a spot for me on the air line as this was the first year that I had an actual engine to display.  Although I have been a machinist for more than forty years I was always "going to make an engine someday".  Sound familiar?  Well, last year in Detroit I purchased a casting kit for the Murdock Double Oscillating steam engine from Clarence Meyers and it was ready to go for this years show.  

A number of our members had rented a BIG van and traveled to Toledo in that and some others traveled independent.  My wife and I came from eastern CT by was of Washington D.C., southern Virginia where we visited the D-Day Memorial in Bedford VA.  Then we attended a military funeral at Arlington National Cemetery (very moving even though I did not know the deceased)  More on that later.  We also visited the World War II Memorial, and then the Air and Space Museum out near Dulles Airport.   Then it was on through West Virginia on some roads that the revenooers didn't even know about (I won't use the word lost but we were a bit confused for a while there).  A visit to Harpers Ferry followed by visits to a Gas and Oil Museum and the Warthers Carving Museum.  Finally arrived in Toledo!  

After setting up my stuff there was the usual debate about where to put o the old feed bag for supper. It was decided to try the hotel restraint which turned out to have a small separate room that just fit our group. 

Below, left to right, are my wife Terri (back to camera), Max BenArron, Frank Dorian, Vern Eshbaugh, Howard Gorin, and Vern's friend to whom I was introduced but can't recall his name.

Moving on around the table are Dave Osier (Dave and I worked together and astounding 35 years ago) Ron Ginger, Rollie Gaucher and NEMES current President Norm Jones.


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