North American Model Engineering Society

2005  Southgate Michigan

Since this was to be the last year for NAMES to be in Southgate and since, for a change, the show lined up with my school April vacation my wife and I packed the boys in the van and headed for Michigan.  Taking the "northern" route we stopped at Niagara Falls and the Hamilton Ontario Museum of Steam and Technology on our way.  For a look at the museum see the set of photos at 

We arrived in Southgate on Wednesday afternoon late.  On Thursday after rising early we headed to Greenfield Village, part of the Henry Ford Museum. 

Please see for pictures of our visit to the Village.

Thursday afternoon we scouted out the show site so that we could go back on Friday to set up my display. We found that some folks were already setting up and I got permission to do likewise.  Set up didn't take too long since I am getting better organized at it and we left the venue wondering what to do on Friday since that chore was done.

Not to fear.  My wife, Terri, thinks that if she in within 500 miles of Bronners Christmas World in Frakenmuth MI that is close enough for a side trip!  Friday morning came and off we went.  Only about 100 miles north of Southgate, child's play!  The first few photos are of the boys at this Christmas wonderland.  Then it will be on to the show at NAMES.

Since we have no grandchildren and, there are those who say, too much free time the boys travel with us just about everywhere.  The big guy is Roy Bear,  the little bear is Miss Taffy and of course the third Stooge is Eddie Moose. 

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