Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Steam and Technology Museum

On our way to NAMES 2005 we stopped in Hamilton, Ontario to visit the Steam and Technology Museum.  This photo shows the door of one of the four boilers that once graced the boiler room (now the science and youth area) and fed steam to the two engines which pumped water for the city of Hamilton

Today, 2 May 2005, I received a wonderful email from Ms. Franca Merla, acting Curatorial Assistant, at the museum.  I had emailed the museum asking for help in captioning these photos and Franca sent me the most complete and informative information for just about every photo.  Thank you Franca!  To keep my words and Franca's separate I will put hers in italics.

In picture one the boiler door is actually from Brantford and not originally ours, we mounted it on the wall to show the size of what one of our boilers would have been.

Most photos in the set are by Errol Groff, a couple by Terri Groff.  

Clicking on the above photo will allow you to view the "full size" version of the picture as it came from the digital camera.  Each photo will be labeled with the size of the photo so that you may decide if you want to take the time to open it.  For example this photo shown on this page it 15KB in size but the full size photo is 1024KB

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