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Annual Meet  27,28,29 August 2010

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I left school at 2:30 PM Friday afternoon (27 August) and went on up to the track.  When I pulled in at about 3:30 I was astonished at the number of cars in the parking lot on the weekday afternoon!  The place was buzzing and jumping with activity with many steaming bays in use and a number of trains on the track.  I parked the car, jumped out and immediately started taking pictures.  I found Dick Boucher and his wife Bea in a shady spot and joined them.  The boys were with me and they settled in to watch the trains.  In short order the boys convinced Dick to take them for a ride so they were off and running.

As you probably already know I am the worst on earth for remembering names.  If you see your equipment or smiling face and would care to  share a paragraph or comment please send it along to me ( errol.groff@snet.net ) and I will add it to these pages.  Just hover your cursor over the photo and a long DSC number should pop up.  I only need the last three digits of the number.  Example, the photo of Dick Boucher and the boys is 746.  Please share your thoughts and information, it makes the page so much better!

Thank you to Larry Simoneau for sending identifiers for the photo captions marked with a *

Thanks also to Don Ritchie.  His captions are marked **

Friday afternoon from 3:30 to about 7:00 PM

DSC00746.JPG (168164 bytes)  Dick Boucher, Roy Bear and Eddie Moose.  Dick is the one wearing a hat.

DSC00747.JPG (212760 bytes)  DSC00748.JPG (230580 bytes)  

DSC00749.JPG (157412 bytes) John Pilling and Adam Miller**

  DSC00750.JPG (140156 bytes)  DSC00751.JPG (182945 bytes)  DSC00752.JPG (194482 bytes) DSC00753.JPG (164066 bytes)   

DSC00755.JPG (180901 bytes)  Jay Monty

DSC00754.JPG (159428 bytes)  DSC00756.JPG (203281 bytes)  DSC00782.JPG (190127 bytes)  Will Simoneau with his father Larry's Shay*

DSC00759.JPG (152805 bytes)  DSC00760.JPG (154138 bytes)  Don Grays Evening Star (propane fired)**

DSC00761.JPG (144938 bytes)  DSC00762.JPG (166182 bytes)  DSC00768.JPG (202663 bytes)  DSC00773.JPG (188191 bytes)  DSC00757.JPG (207327 bytes)  DSC00758.JPG (110337 bytes)

DSC00763.JPG (197994 bytes) DSC00764.JPG (206471 bytes)  DSC00767.JPG (191888 bytes)  DSC00769.JPG (179449 bytes)  DSC00769.JPG (179449 bytes)  DSC00771.JPG (139471 bytes)

Roy Carruthers'1.5 gage Heisler.  I took quite a number of photos of this as I am interested in building this engine.  Roy kindly answered a number of questions I had about the building process.  Roy was over from Stormville New York and is a member of the Pioneer Valley Live Steamers where many of these fellows will be in a couple of weeks for their big event with takes place on September 17, 18 and 19.

DSC00766.JPG (167872 bytes)  Roy's 3/4 gage Heisler engine.

DSC00765.JPG (179940 bytes) DSC00772.JPG (156047 bytes)  In the yellow vest is Joe Ng, active member of WLS and NEMES.

DSC00774.JPG (178187 bytes)  DSC00775.JPG (163276 bytes)  DSC00776.JPG (176302 bytes)  DSC00777.JPG (198142 bytes)  DSC00778.JPG (182900 bytes)  DSC00779.JPG (179494 bytes)

DSC00781.JPG (220332 bytes) Russ Steeves' Fitchburg Northern

  DSC00783.JPG (188748 bytes)  

DSC00784.JPG (220939 bytes)  DSC00785.JPG (217413 bytes)  DSC00786.JPG (197732 bytes)  DSC00787.JPG (211576 bytes)  Wayne Singers' Climax.  Earlier in the day the Climax, Roy's Heisler and Larry Simoneau's Shay did a triple header run.

DSC00788.JPG (173566 bytes)  DSC00789.JPG (167008 bytes)  DSC00790.JPG (226934 bytes)  DSC00791.JPG (168226 bytes)  DSC00792.JPG (203652 bytes)  DSC00793.JPG (235414 bytes) 

DSC00794.JPG (148130 bytes)  DSC00796.JPG (173935 bytes)  Roy is not one to pass up a chance to hang out with an attractive girl!

Saturday 28 August 2010 approximately 7:30 AM

DSC00797.JPG (202409 bytes)  DSC00798.JPG (202363 bytes)  DSC00799.JPG (214914 bytes)  DSC00800.JPG (226763 bytes)  DSC00801.JPG (222855 bytes)  DSC00802.JPG (220603 bytes) 

DSC00803.JPG (306353 bytes)  DSC00830.JPG (159499 bytes)  DSC00831.JPG (156021 bytes)  DSC00832.JPG (169767 bytes)  Wayne Singer steaming the Climax

 DSC00804.JPG (183379 bytes)  DSC00805.JPG (178843 bytes)  DSC00806.JPG (177785 bytes)  DSC00807.JPG (163833 bytes)  DSC00808.JPG (201864 bytes)  DSC00810.JPG (206436 bytes)  DSC00811.JPG (199011 bytes)  DSC00812.JPG (196438 bytes)  Donavan Lewis Royal Scot **

DSC00814.JPG (236078 bytes)  DSC00815.JPG (207266 bytes)  DSC00816.JPG (197786 bytes)  DSC00817.JPG (216307 bytes)  DSC00818.JPG (175509 bytes)  DSC00827.JPG (184237 bytes)  DSC00828.JPG (287801 bytes)  DSC00820.JPG (159058 bytes)  DSC00821.JPG (196400 bytes)  DSC00823.JPG (253191 bytes)  DSC00824.JPG (209571 bytes)  DSC00825.JPG (216332 bytes)  DSC00826.JPG (181522 bytes)  DSC00829.JPG (167886 bytes) 

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