Oshkosh 2009

On 24 August Norm Jones and I headed out for the annual Experimental Aircraft Association fly in and convention at Oshkosh Wisconsin.  This years trip would incorporate a visit to Rich Carlstadt's shop in Green Bay http://neme-s.org/Rich_Carlstadt_2009/rich_carlstadt.htm , a trip to Cedar Creek Michigan to ride on the White Creek RR and a stop at the Tod Foundation in Youngstown, Ohio to view progress on the building of the museum around the great Tod engine.

Added 13 August 2009:  Photos from Norm Jones

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DSC06638.jpg (114937 bytes)  DSC06639.jpg (102515 bytes)  These new sculptures mark the main entrance to the airshow.     

Airbus 380 arriving at Oshkosh

DSC06641.jpg (119236 bytes)    DSC06643.jpg (106047 bytes)  DSC06644.jpg (107293 bytes)  DSC06645.jpg (72971 bytes)  DSC06646.jpg (119522 bytes)  This A380 from Airbus is the first flying example and has no seats.  It is fully instrumented for flight testing.  Norm waited about an hour and twenty minutes to get a walk through the aircraft.

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DSC06602.jpg (192056 bytes)  A place to sit and rest for a few moments has always been in short supply on the airport.  These cast concrete benches are being donated to the EAA.  100 were in place for this year's show with more to come.

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DSC06608.jpg (137815 bytes)  DSC06609.jpg (132571 bytes)  DSC06610.jpg (115197 bytes)  DSC06611.jpg (117312 bytes)  a. DSC06612.jpg (164746 bytes)  b. DSC06628.jpg (130310 bytes)  DSC06629.jpg (91705 bytes)  DSC06630.jpg (120296 bytes)  Formerly the Sikorsky Sky Crane now the Erickson Air Crane.  Considered one of the best aerial fire fighters.  Photo a is the left side water pickup and is used when hovering,  the suction pump can fill the 2000 gallon tank in less than a minute.  Photos b is the right side ram pick up and is used whe the aircraft is moving forward.  Again the tank can be filled in less than a minute.  

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DSC06613.jpg (117453 bytes)  DSC06614.jpg (98327 bytes)  DSC06617.jpg (101922 bytes) One of the very few flying examples of the Lancaster bomber

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DSC06620.jpg (264949 bytes)  DSC06621.jpg (131387 bytes)  Canadian F4U Corsair

White Knight 2 arriving at Oshkosh

DSC06623.jpg (53180 bytes)  DSC06625.jpg (99205 bytes)  DSC06626.jpg (101021 bytes)  DSC06627.jpg (106666 bytes)  DSC06627.jpg (106666 bytes)  DSC06649.jpg (110604 bytes)  DSC06650.jpg (101675 bytes)  DSC06651.jpg (108166 bytes)  DSC06652.jpg (115122 bytes)  DSC06653.jpg (75265 bytes)  DSC06654.jpg (60212 bytes)  DSC06655.jpg (102086 bytes)  This is the White Knight 2. It is built by Scaled Composites in conjunction with Virgin Atlantic to convey passengers into space for short sub orbital flights.

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  Riding through Camp Scholler  Part 1 (Please ignore the first few seconds of the video)   

   Riding through Camp Scholler  Part 2

DSC06658.jpg (170150 bytes)  DSC06659.jpg (153296 bytes)  No trip to Oshkosh is complete without a photo or two of Roy Bear, Eddie Moose and Roy's cousin Dr. Annie of Marysville Ohio.

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