Rich Carlstadt's Shop

During our recent trip to Oshkosh for the EAA air show and convention Norm Jones and I invited to visit Rich's shop.  My long time friend, Tom Horch, when with us when we went up to Green Bay to visit Rich and lear a bit more about he makes models that are an inspiration to all who see them.

  Monitor engine, hypocycloidal engine and Corliss type engine.  

DSC06571.jpg (122185 bytes) DSC06572.jpg (122223 bytes)  Rich built this engine some years ago.  It is tricked out to resemble an electric engine which could run on multi wire overheads or single wire rigs.

DSC06573.jpg (111785 bytes)  This Hardinge lathe came with a number of problems which Rich is working to fix.  when he gets it up and running a decision will have to be made as to which of his two current lathes will have to go to make room for it.

DSC06574.jpg (93035 bytes) 

DSC06575.jpg (89931 bytes)  DSC06576.jpg (115214 bytes)  DSC06577.jpg (92226 bytes)  The AL plate under the vise has drain holes to let coolant drain back to the sump.  A plexiglass box sits in the groove when in use.

DSC06578.jpg (119954 bytes) 

DSC06579.jpg (96986 bytes)  DSC06580.jpg (96840 bytes)  DSC06581.jpg (106548 bytes) Rich mentored the fellow who built this loco

DSC06582.jpg (110139 bytes)  (L to R) Rich Carlstadt, Tom Horch and Norm Jones look at a trial run of a propeller Rich is making for the Monitor engine.

DSC06583.jpg (85211 bytes) Punch and die made for forming domes

DSC06584.jpg (51487 bytes)  Collection of antique oilers

DSC06585.jpg (135804 bytes)  DSC06586.jpg (101289 bytes)  DSC06587.jpg (122844 bytes) 

DSC06588.jpg (89893 bytes) 

DSC06589.jpg (116512 bytes)  DSC06590.jpg (118192 bytes)  Views of the Monitor engine

DSC06591.jpg (208981 bytes)  DSC06592.jpg (198407 bytes)  DSC06593.jpg (196797 bytes)  DSC06594.jpg (194676 bytes)  DSC06595.jpg (203385 bytes)  DSC06596.jpg (204525 bytes)  DSC06597.jpg (174718 bytes)  DSC06598.jpg (221070 bytes)  Views of the hypocycloidal engine The engine looks like it is chrome plated but is, in fact, highly polished.  The engine is kept in a tight display case but every few years must be dis-assembled and the polishing redone.  This takes 40 to 60 hours to accomplish.

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