April 18 and 19 2009

Toledo OH

After our traditional side trip to Frankenmuth MI to visit Bronner's Christmas Wonderland and dinner at Zenders (great fired chicken, all you can eat) we arrived in Toledo on Friday afternoon and found the rest of the NEMES guys.  Set up was accomplished and I commenced to wander around the hall looking for interesting engines and models.  It was great to see friends from previous years and to meet new folks.

I will probably be receiving more pots from Norm Jones and others so please check back after a while to see if these pages have been updated.

Video clips are provided in MPG and WMV format.  The WMV is quicker to load and view but the MPG are of much higher quality.  Your choice!

DSC05729.jpg (77007 bytes)  Rollie Gaucher and his demonstration set up for the Bentley engine.

DSC05730.jpg (99937 bytes) Vern Eshbaugh (L) and Max ben Aaron discuss Max's watchmakers lathe.

DSC05731.jpg (95147 bytes) Norm Jones and Terri Groff

DSC05733.jpg (82659 bytes)  DSC05734.jpg (113915 bytes)  Dave Osier of Woodstock CT Dave is behind one of our roll up banners.  If you don't toot your own horn who will?


DSC05735.jpg (72831 bytes)  Frank Dorion, long time NEMES member, and his wife Patty DSC05736.jpg (109775 bytes)  DSC05738.jpg (104295 bytes)

DSC05737.jpg (93224 bytes) Norm Jones (L) and Mike Rhemus (R) chat with another fellow

DSC05739.jpg (124828 bytes)  DSC05740.jpg (99376 bytes)  DSC05741.jpg (122445 bytes)  DSC05748.jpg (113296 bytes)  DSC05752.jpg (77894 bytes)  Commercial vendors lined the outside of the hall. 

  DSC05742.jpg (141053 bytes)  DSC05743.jpg (90112 bytes)  DSC05744.jpg (83499 bytes)  DSC05745.jpg (76460 bytes)  MPG  WMV 

I am pretty sure that I have some video of these engines running. That will be added as soon as I can get it organized.  Please check back!

DSC05746.jpg (165217 bytes)  DSC05792.jpg (135382 bytes)  NEMES was not the only club represented at the show.

DSC05747.jpg (136281 bytes)  DSC05749.jpg (113420 bytes)  DSC05750.jpg (150109 bytes)  DSC05751.jpg (150790 bytes) 

DSC05753.jpg (138643 bytes)  DSC05754.jpg (130695 bytes)  DSC05755.jpg (124406 bytes)  DSC05756.jpg (113775 bytes)  DSC05806.jpg (114014 bytes)  DSC05805.jpg (115083 bytes) (L) Citroen 2CV DSC05824.jpg (132541 bytes) DSC05825.jpg (104020 bytes)  

MPG  WMV  Parade of the micro cars

DSC05757.jpg (133782 bytes)  DSC05758.jpg (71946 bytes)  DSC05759.jpg (117723 bytes)  DSC05760.jpg (115821 bytes)  DSC05761.jpg (114874 bytes)  Friday supper was in the hotel restaurant

DSC05764.jpg (66670 bytes)  DSC05765.jpg (92406 bytes)  DSC05766.jpg (75537 bytes)  DSC05770.jpg (94871 bytes)  DSC05771.jpg (102694 bytes)  DSC05772.jpg (126141 bytes)  The Toledo Mud Hens baseball team had a twilight game at Fifth Third Field adjacent to the hotel.  Fireworks after the game and it was pretty cool to wee the fireworks from above.

DSC05773.jpg (110679 bytes)  I would love to stumble across one of these lovely hand crank planers for sale sometime.

DSC05774.jpg (91132 bytes)  DSC05775.jpg (184882 bytes)  The photo at left shows some of the custom tool used to make these various brass and copper works of art.

DSC05776.jpg (91808 bytes)  DSC05777.jpg (116328 bytes)  DSC05778.jpg (77798 bytes)  DSC05779.jpg (134143 bytes)  DSC05780.jpg (126246 bytes)  DSC05781.jpg (120196 bytes)  DSC05782.jpg (140514 bytes)  DSC05783.jpg (44118 bytes)  DSC05784.jpg (106105 bytes)  Mark Ugo built this engine, the cool thing is that he is probably 12 or 13 years old.  Way to go Mark!!!

DSC05785.jpg (133943 bytes)  DSC05786.jpg (123373 bytes)  DSC05787.jpg (92112 bytes)  DSC05788.jpg (75649 bytes)  DSC05790.jpg (109152 bytes)  DSC05791.jpg (79908 bytes)

DSC05793.jpg (148420 bytes)  DSC05794.jpg (99683 bytes)   DSC05795.jpg (119684 bytes)  DSC05796.jpg (107147 bytes)  DSC05797.jpg (99623 bytes)  DSC05798.jpg (124804 bytes)  DSC05801.jpg (88539 bytes)

DSC05799.jpg (139428 bytes)  I really love the look of this engine. 

DSC05800.jpg (109457 bytes) 

DSC05802.jpg (112031 bytes)  Ron Ginger, founder of NEMES and frequent speaker at these shows on the subject of CNC in the home workshop.

DSC05803.jpg (112965 bytes)  DSC05804.jpg (93678 bytes)   

  DSC05812.jpg (104948 bytes)  DSC05813.jpg (104815 bytes)  DSC05814.jpg (83147 bytes)  DSC05815.jpg (74268 bytes)  DSC05817.jpg (179277 bytes)  DSC05820.jpg (130290 bytes)

Dinner Saturday night was at the Spaghetti Warehouse.  We have done it before so it is TRADITION!

DSC05818.jpg (104538 bytes)  Tony Packo's known from the MASH TV program was given a pass this year.

DSC05821.jpg (119019 bytes)  DSC05822.jpg (118878 bytes)  DSC05823.jpg (140336 bytes)     

DSC05826.jpg (108440 bytes)  DSC05827.jpg (85132 bytes)  DSC05828.jpg (109995 bytes)  DSC05829.jpg (96587 bytes)  DSC05830.jpg (103300 bytes)  DSC05831.jpg (88681 bytes)      

MPG  WMV    Phil Oles' mill steam engines.  I met Phil several years ago at NAMES or maybe Cabin Fever and it is always a pleasure to see him again.

MPG  WMV     Very interesting model engine with unusual mechanism

MPG  WMV     Various engines

MPG  WMV     Various engines

MPG  WMV     Various engines

MPG  WMV     Various engines

DSC05832.jpg (85544 bytes)  DSC05833.jpg (92899 bytes) 

DSC05834.jpg (96443 bytes)  Vern Eshbaugh and Roy Bear take a quiet moment 

DSC05835.jpg (81469 bytes)  Mike Rhemus gave a very interesting talk on using the Alibre CAD program for engine development3

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