Ledyard CT Up and Down Saw Mill

14 April 2012


Slide Show HERE and YouTube video HERE

I have visited the saw mill before ( http://neme-s.org/Ledyard_Saw_Mill_06/Saw_Mill_Park_Bkg.htm )  but when my wife saw that the mill would be running on Saturdays this spring I decided to make another visit.  No problem really since it is only about eight miles from home!  This time I had my video camera with me and that will be along in a couple of day, as usual.  

Please take time to visit my other page as the is a lot more information about the mill with the photos there.

I will be working on the video from today's shoot tomorrow.  Check back in a few days for the video.

DSC03161.JPG (360779 bytes)  DSC03162.JPG (287597 bytes)  DSC03163.JPG (333269 bytes)  DSC03164.JPG (244433 bytes)  

DSC03165.JPG (328074 bytes)  DSC03192.JPG (299512 bytes)  This rack lifts and lowers the flow gate to power the mill

DSC03166.JPG (272087 bytes)  DSC03167.JPG (178145 bytes)  

DSC03168.JPG (260711 bytes)  Large band saw

DSC03169.JPG (262556 bytes)  Ratchet mechanism that controls the advance of the "sled" that the log rides on through the saw

DSC03170.JPG (143621 bytes)  The small wedge shaped pieces are what the sled rides on.  some mills use rails or rollers but this was uses these wedges to reduce friction as the sled moves. 

DSC03171.JPG (269611 bytes) DSC03173.JPG (183954 bytes) Top of the saw frame.  The whole frame rides up and down to guide the saw.

DSC03172.JPG (221346 bytes)  The saw shown here is from a "pit sawing" operation.  One man stood on top of a frame and pulled the saw up, the other (unlucky) man would be in a pit under the log pulling down on the saw and getting showered with saw dust.  

DSC03174.JPG (243715 bytes)  Where the action is.  I learned today that the saw blade is canted slightly forward to allow clearance when the blade is on the up stroke.

DSC03175.JPG (271595 bytes)  When I visited the mill the saw blade has reached the end of its useful sharpness.  It was time to change out the blade for a freshly sharpened one.  The mill usually cuts straight and true but when the blade dulls it pulls to one side or the other. 

DSC03180.JPG (199375 bytes)  To change the blade the saw frame must be tied in the up position.  

DSC03176.JPG (213343 bytes) DSC03177.JPG (220903 bytes) DSC03178.JPG (220501 bytes)  Also in the mill building is this classic shingle mill

DSC03179.JPG (223297 bytes)  Another small saw in the building

DSC03181.JPG (203294 bytes)  DSC03182.JPG (242522 bytes)  

DSC03183.JPG (419654 bytes)  

DSC03185.JPG (256625 bytes)  This is the gear works under the sawing floor. turns out I couldn't be up taking photos and video of the saw in action AND down here doing the same of the gears.  I will go back and get more photos of this section of the mill

DSC03189.JPG (413633 bytes)  These volunteers were doing hits work around the workshop building.  Since I was here taking pictures I wasn't home doing the same sort of work!

DSC03190.JPG (358786 bytes)  This is where the water funs away from the mill after it has done its work

DSC03191.JPG (315312 bytes)  View of the mill looking toward the mill pond

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