Ledyard Connecticut

Up-Down Saw Mill

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This saw mill was originally built in the middle 1800's and operated until the 1950's.  It closed and eventfully the property was bought by the town of Ledyard in the 60's.  Over a period of some nine years the mill was rebuilt by volunteers and now operates in the autumn (when the mill pond is full). Operating for a few hours on Saturdays it is an interesting look at old timey technology.

To find Saw Mill Park in Ledyard check this map.  

Once again I visit a place where a video camera would be great to have.  It is quickly working its' way to the top of the things to buy list.

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The mill is located on Route 214, also known as Iron Street, in Ledyard Connecticut.  A stones throw from the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Casino and not too far from the Mohegan Sun Casino.  Visit the saw mill, don't waste your $$$ at the casinos. 

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A view of the mill.  In the old days the mill would have had just the roof over the machinery.  No walls so as to let in the daylight.

P1010030.JPG (68514 bytes)  The mill is also capable of doing grain milling.  Currently the saw mill runs on water power and the grain mill, shingle mill and railroad tie mill are powered by electric motor.

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This ratchet wheel controls the feed of the sled into the saw.  In the right picture you can see the end of the sled. The saw blade is sharpened for rip cutting and when the blade encounters a heavy knot in the wood which is a cross cut situation the saw slow down noticeably under the load.

P1010034.JPG (48003 bytes)  Here the saw is starting into the end of a log.

P1010047.JPG (47301 bytes)  One of the mill hands gives scale to the size of the saw.

P1010035.JPG (74498 bytes)  The small dam holds back the pond which provides the power for the mill

P1010036.JPG (66384 bytes)  View of the mill from stream side

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Machinery under the mill floor

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The grist mill side of the building

P1010044.JPG (74609 bytes)    My wife Terri next to the gate that controls flow of water into the sluice was under the mill

P1010046.JPG (34332 bytes)    Quiet mill pond

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