Cabin Fever 2009

Al Goldberg Photos

Al sent these photos to me and I am posting them on 27 February 2009.  Thank you Al!  Al divided his photos into several sections so I will post them in the same manner.

General Views

DSC_0048-1.jpg (97289 bytes) DSC_0049.jpg (103543 bytes)  DSC_0050.jpg (124742 bytes)  I am pretty sure that this steam launch is (was) Ron Gingers.  Ron made the difficult decision to  sell the boat after realizing that he was not using it much and it deserved an owner who would have it out on the water more frequently.

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DSC_0131.jpg (104656 bytes)  DSC_0138.jpg (76357 bytes) Alan Bugbee's beautiful wood turnings

DSC_0075-1.jpg (137814 bytes)  DSC_0105-1.jpg (73047 bytes)  DSC_0107.jpg (108236 bytes)  Russ Steeves marvelous brass cannon which will fire shotgun shells without pellets. It sports a British imperial plaque added by him. The plaque was originally a black and white photo, converted to metal by a process similar to that used to photo etch printed circuit elements

Special Interest

DSC_0056.jpg (108354 bytes)  DSC_0089.jpg (97411 bytes)  DSC_0093.jpg (128674 bytes)  DSC_0120.jpg (108358 bytes)  DSC_0121.jpg (106545 bytes)  DSC_0125.jpg (125887 bytes)  DSC_0126.jpg (115064 bytes)  DSC_0129.jpg (89035 bytes)  DSC_0130.jpg (124802 bytes)  DSC_0162.jpg (124267 bytes)  DSC_0163-1.jpg (142919 bytes)  DSC_0165-1.jpg (174999 bytes)  DSC_0166.jpg (103645 bytes)  DSC_0168-1.jpg (124412 bytes)

Pratt and Whitney 18 cylinder radial engine model. On sale - scaled plans from the original engine, and scaled tooling jigs from the original

4-cylinder gasoline engine, 6.2 hp from 30cc at 23000rpm

very odd engines - the current owner doesn't know how the large angled scroll was made


York Museum

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DSC_0155.jpg (126696 bytes)  An ammonia refrigeration compressor

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