CNC - Workshop

Galesburg, Illinois  June 20 - 25 2005

Hosted by Cardinal Engineering

There has been an educational meeting of those interested in low-cost CNC for home shop, educational and small machine shop applications at the NAMES Exposition in the Detroit area for several years. Last year, discussions were held among many of the regular contributors to this effort and it was felt that there was enough interest that a meeting be held specifically for those interested in CNC. We have enjoyed the support of the NAMES group but it was felt that more space and more concentration on the specific interests of CNC, CAD, CAD/CAM and related topics was necessary. Accordingly, it has been decided to organize a CNC-Workshop that will be held from June 20 through 26, 2005 at the Cardinal Engineering shop just outside of Galesburg, Illinois.

This text from the CNC-Workshop web site.

The photos on these pages were taken by Errol Groff.  I, as anyone who regularly reads these pages knows, am the worst person on the face of the earth for getting names matched with pictures.  So apologies in advance on that subject.   If anyone cares to contribute more pictures I will, of course, add them and give credit as appropriate. 

Hopefully people who see themselves in these pictures will contact me and let me know who is whom. 


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