ATCA Granite State Chapter 26th Annual Old Truck Meet

Barrington, NH        19 August 2012

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We hemmed and hawed about going up to NH on Saturday and staying over but in the end we left the house at 7:00AM on Sunday morning and drove what the GPS said was 154 miles up to Barrington.  I395 to I290, then I495 to State Road 125 and straight up to Barrington.  When we got there we discovered that we had, some time in the past, eaten at Calef's Country Store where the meet was taking place.  Would never have guessed!  In all it was a sweet ride with no traffic or aggravations. Across the road from Calef's is a Christmas type store so later in the day Terri took time to visit over there. 

The trip home later in the day was another story.  I would like to get my hands on the idiot who designed the exit from 495 South onto 290 West. The exit is a real choke point and traffic was backed up a couple of miles.  The engineer needs to be beaten soundly about the head and shoulders with a stout stick!  We went on south and got off onto the MA pike only to find traffic backed up there as well.  Son of a gun!

The day was wonderful for a truck show (or any other outdoor event) and the grounds were jammed with trucks of every size and manufacture that you could imagine.  I am no kind of truck expert but I did see a couple of makes that I had never seen before.

I took about 400 photos and have had a hard time getting started on this page as it seemed pretty daunting but now that I am under way things will, I hope, go smoothly.  I will break this into 4 pages of about 100 photos each to keep things manageable.   No video from this show so that its one less thing to deal with!

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Hello, that is my 1930 Model A Pickup in photo’s on pg 1 895-897, My father bought that truck in NY city in the mid 50’s, from a Pawn shop/ junk yard for 50 bucks, and for that price he also got a Parker Bros. double barrel shot gun, he drove it home, he lived in the area at the time. He bought it as a parts vehicle, it had a placard on the cylinder head stating it had a Ford Motor Company remanufactured engine installed. The truck had a couple windows smashed out, and the Bed had some homemade racks installed, for either pipe, or lumber, he thinks it was a truck used by a contractor, plumber or carpenter, not sure. The truck was so complete, he could not bring himself to part it out. It was used by him, and my grandfather around the yard, and for running around town to hardware store in the 60’s, then it the 70’s it found its way to Mount Washington MA, where my Grandfather retired, my brother and I used to drive it around my grandparents house when we were kids. And then it sat for many years in the woods covered up, and the mice, chipmunks, and squirrels had their way with it. in the 80’s my Father and I retrieved it, and drove it to CT where I grew up, yes drove it, after it sat in the woods all those years. We changed the oil, cleaned the carb, and replaced the tires…. Only one flat tire on a 150 mile plus road trip in that truck, we hit 55 MPH, it was a little wobbly.  We planned on restoring it, but it never happened. I move to NH in the mid 90’s, and my father gave it to me, so the truck followed, this time on a trailer, that’s when the vinyl top blew off. After some time in NH, and using around the yard, the original bed finally gave way, so we built up that wood bed for the time being. I have been collecting parts over the years to do a restoration someday, maybe when my son is a little older. But for now it is a conversation piece. I have been attending the Barrington Truck show for a number of years with it, and it is a blast, I get more  people around that thing, asking a ton of questions, and at least 2 offers every year to buy it, It’s not for sale! My father gave me 2 rules when he gave it to me, Never sell it, or make it into a Hot Rod.

I only live a few miles from Calef's Country Store, so when asked if I drove it there, the answer is, Yes! The one thing not to many people notice is the clutch pedal, it is worn through!, it is solid metal, not sure if it cast iron or forged steel, but still it’s not rubber…… anyway, someday my son will learn to drive in it , and my be my daughter as well…. It will keep on truck’n …..

David W Jones

Thank you Dave for the very interesting history of your family's truck!  Your contribution to the page is most appreciated.


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