Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg Museum

Auburn Indiana

August 1993

I first started going to Oshkosh WI for the summer Experimental Aircraft Association summer conventions in 1971. After a few years I noticed a billboard advertising the Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg Museum in Auburn IN.  Every year I would think that I really ought to take a short side trip to the museum on my way home from Oshkosh but never seemed to get to it.  Finally in 1993 I took the time to visit and was so glad that I had decided to do so.  

The museum was housed in one of the buildings that the Auburn autos were built in and it was drenched in history.  During one of my wife's recent cleaning and organizing frenzies she came across an envelope of photos I had taken at the ACD museum.  Actual photos, printed on paper!!  Wow!  I scanned the photos and present them on this page. 

I have grouped together obvious photos but since the prints were not numbered as digital photos are I am not sure of a number of title plaques.  Which signs go with which cars that is, after this page is published I will email the museum and ask for some help in getting things straight.

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Picture6.jpg (190362 bytes)  Picture7.jpg (184247 bytes)  We have friends in South Africa and the husband collects Lalique crystal so I took these photos for him.

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Picture16.jpg (228800 bytes)  Picture22.jpg (194984 bytes)  Model T Ford Snowmobile.  To see more photos of these interesting contraptions see:

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Picture37.jpg (222091 bytes)  This photo was not dated and I have NO idea where or when it was taken!  However on 19 March 2012 I received an email from Eric Benson of Cincinnati, Ohio who sent the following informtion:

Mr. Groff

                The photo you have recently added to the NEMES page is of the Union Pacific 4012 Big Boy which was most likely taken at Steam Town in PA.  I am not sure of the date but it was repainted in 2007 I believe.

 Erik Benson

Thank you Eric for the info and your contribution to this page!

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