Model T Ford Snowmobile Club

National Meet

Meredith, New Hampshire  February 3, 4, 5 2012

Slide show HERE and video HERE 

This meet was originally scheduled to be in Poultney VT but due to lack of snow at that location was moved at pretty much the last minute to Meredith NH.  I had made hotel reservations in VT and had to scramble to find lodging in NH.  The club had made arrangements with two hotels for a discount group rate and I chose the Fireside Inn which turned out to be a lovely facility!  I would recommend it to anyone staying in the Meredith NH area and will probably book a room there i the fall when we go to the Lee's Mill steamboat meet. 

Since Thursday the 2nd was our monthly NEMES meeting in Waltham we stayed overnight in Woburn to avoid an additional four hours of driving and went up to NH on Friday morning.  We checked into the hotel and then went over to the meet location to see what there was to see.  Which at that point wasn't much.  Just three or four model Ts and no one around.  Took a few photos and went exploring for the rest of the day.  Dinner was at Harts Turkey Farm Restaurant and is highly recommended if you are in that area!  Terri grew up on a turkey farm and she know good turkey so if she like it then it had to be good.

I returned to the show on Saturday while Terri took a day of rest in the pool at the hotel. 

As always, if you recognize yourself or a friend in these photos please feel free to let me know and I will amend this page with the information.

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DSC02586.jpg (175323 bytes)  DSC02587.jpg (207832 bytes)  Traveling companions Roy Bear, Eddie Moose, Miss Taffy Bear, Bob the Dinosaur and Terri Groff.

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DSC02597.jpg (220401 bytes)  I am getting to be like Norm Jones in that everywhere I go I manage to run into someone I know.  I was snapping photos and heard a voice say, Hi Errol!  It was John Sherris whom I met last summer after he sent me an email commenting that we seem to visit all the same shows so we met up at Zagray Farm in Colchester CT at that show.  I am on the left in the photo and John is on the right. 

As you look at these photos take time to notice the wide variety of track designs.  Ingenuity and imagination at work!

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DSC02621.jpg (215061 bytes)  DSC02622.jpg (265120 bytes)  DSC02623.jpg (214002 bytes)  DSC02624.jpg (250289 bytes)  This Model A Ford keeps its front wheels on unlike the Model Ts which take the wheels off to convert.  You can see how that is done in John Sherris' YouTube video.

I stopped to take these photos at the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railway yard. 

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This is what Lee's Mill looks like in the winter, far different than in September when the annual steamboat meet takes place here.

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