Metal Shapers

by Kay Fisher

Shaper of the Month - South Bend 7"

South Bend 7 Inch Shaper     Photo by Joe Guidry

Joe Guidry, from deep in the Bayou country, south Louisiana sent me this story of rebuilding a 7" South Bend Shaper, along with some great pictures.

Joe acquired this shaper in a crate from the Grand Tool Company, who Joe says are fine people to do business with. He took it completely apart the day he received it. Then he cleaned, polished, glass bead blasted, primed, painted, rewired and put it back together.

South Bend Cabinet               Photo by Joe Guidry

He had to make some knobs and replaced all the oil filler drip caps.

South Bend - Before              Photo by Joe Guidry

He also put a thrust bearing under the shaft that raised the column. Joe says this really help cut down on the drag.

Thrust Bearing on Column    Photo by Joe Guidry

South Bend                            Photo by Joe Guidry

Joe picked the red, white, and blue colors to remember the year of the World Trade Center tragedy and also remind us that our American heritage lives on in the machinery of the past.

Joe also wants us to remember that many women worked machines such as these for the war effort while the men were fighting to protect the home-land.

Cincinnati 24" Shaper           Photo by Joe Guidry

Don't think for a minute that Joe is done. His next project is rebuilding a Cincinnati 24" heavy-duty shaper.

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