Metal Shapers

by Kay Fisher

I found an interesting story on the world wide web in the news group rec.crafts.metalworking. The author “Gunner” has graciously given me permission to repeat it here.

Gunner Got a Shaper

“Due to the good graces of a most gracious man, Jack Erbes, and the fact that they are not carry on luggage, Gunner is now the proud owner of an 8" Logan shaper.

“Sunday morning Nov 11th, long before daylight, Gunner fired up his old pickemup, and headed 375+ miles north to Sonoma, Ca. He met Jack (a fine gentleman) at his shop, and they proceeded to load Jacks 8" Logan shaper. Long after the sun went down, Gunner crawled out of his truck, pausing only for a few minutes to fondle his new shaper, then curl up beside it and go to sleep. At sunrise the next morning, after unloading it, Gunner was knee deep in chips, chortling a mad tune in time to the ram, watching the red hot chips popping all over the floor of his shop while he learned the basic ins and outs of adjustments, stroke, return, feed rates etc.


“He then proceeded to sharpen several pieces of tool steel to the semi proper shape (practice hopefully will make perfect) and then hogged out a scrap of aluminum to the proper shape for a pair of rifle scope mounts.


“He then reverently oiled it up, and carefully covered it with a brand new tarp, ready for work next weekend. He then entered his humble residence and poured over a number of machine tool “How To” books for more information on tooling, setups etc. A great day was had by the shaper, and Gunner, who got a shaper on his birthday.

“Gloat! Giggle!


Thanks Gunner for that great acquisition tale. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

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