Removing the Taper Attachment from a south Bend Lathe


P2040211a.jpg (75315 bytes)  Remove the clamp and the two bolts holding the cover on.

P2040212a.jpg (48258 bytes)  Don't mess with this! You don't need to do anything to this end to remove the taper attachment.

P2040218a.jpg (46071 bytes)  Remove this nut from the end of the cross slide screw.  Be careful to not lose the washers and thrust bearing.

P2040220a.jpg (80086 bytes)  Remove these two bolts and tap the taper attachment loose with a dead blow, brass or lead hammer.  BE PREPARED  to take the weight of the unit when it clears the alignment pins.

P2040221a.jpg (86999 bytes)  Taper attachment ready to clear the alignment pins.  BE CAREFUL, you don't want to damage the end of the cross slide screw.

P2040222a.jpg (73234 bytes)  As you can see the out board end of the screw is quite slim and can too easily be bent.

P2040223a.jpg (83692 bytes)  This is the operator end of the cross slide screw.  It slips into the piece on the right of the end and engages with a pin into the key way cut into the screw.