Dave Bono's Talk on Sheet Metal Development


Click here to download the PDF of Dave's handouts that accompanied his talk.

Dave Bono is the Mechanical Drafting instructor at the Ella T. Grasso Southeast Regional Vocational Technical School (whew).  He talked to the New England Model Engineering Society on 1 August about creating flat layouts and bending sheet metal.  The locomotive in the pictures is Dave's current project.

There will be a more complete account of Dave's talk in the next Gazette which can be downloaded from our home page when it is posted next month.

The bending brake in the left edge of the top picture was built by Dave and he is going to make plans available for it.  I thought that I had a a better picture of it but, as is often the case, I was wrong!

Well, the advantage of having more than one camera at a meeting just became evident.  Kay Fisher just sent me a good photo of the brake.  It is shown below.

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