NEMES at Cabin Fever 2003

Cabin Fever 12.jpg (56597 bytes)  The sign to rally around!

Cabin Fever 1.jpg (68657 bytes)  This HUGE micrometer was at the Friday auction.

  Cabin Fever 2.jpg (71473 bytes)  Cabin Fever 3.jpg (71327 bytes)  Cabin Fever 4.jpg (62736 bytes)  Cabin Fever 5.jpg (55621 bytes)

These shots are of a super R/C model of the USS Boston a Guided Missile Cruiser.

Cabin Fever 9.jpg (89330 bytes)  A superb looking rotary engine model

Cabin Fever 6.jpg (61582 bytes)  Looking down the length of the NEMES section

Cabin Fever 7.jpg (54097 bytes)  1.  Larry Twaits Quorn Tool and Cutter grinder

Cabin Fever 8.jpg (67613 bytes) 2.   Rollie Gaucher is building this steam loco and has given a very interesting talk at one of our meetings on forming the copper body parts

Cabin Fever 10.jpg (77686 bytes)  3.  Henry Szoteck and Bill Hickman with an assembly jig for one of Henry's concertinas.

Cabin Fever 11.jpg (70336 bytes) 4.  Rollie Gaucher and Alan Bugbee.  Alan is holding one of his ornamental turning walking sticks.

Cabin Fever 13.jpg (79360 bytes) 5.  Dave Osier and Alan Bugbee

Cabin Fever 14.jpg (89413 bytes) 6.  Down from the state of Maine is Bill Schoppe

Cabin Fever 15.jpg (70018 bytes) 7.  Noted engine designer Ray Hasbrouk and our leader Norm Jones

Cabin Fever 16.jpg (72338 bytes)  8.  Walt Winship, also of Maine (L) and Larry Twaits (R)

Cabin Fever 17.jpg (88171 bytes)  9.  Ron Ginger, founder and past president of NEMES in the blue jacket.

Cabin Fever 18.jpg (91260 bytes)  10.  In deep conversation are (L to R) Bob Cline, Ron Ginger and Rollie Gaucher

Cabin Fever 19.jpg (73542 bytes) 11.  (L) Rob Macdougall and (R) Henry Szoteck

Cabin Fever 20.jpg (86834 bytes)  12.  ???

Cabin Fever 21.jpg (64063 bytes)  13.  Bill Schoppe

Cabin Fever 22.jpg (70883 bytes)  14.  This large micrometer has a tubular frame to reduce weight

Cabin Fever 24.jpg (80176 bytes)  15.  Another table section view

Cabin Fever 25.jpg (75909 bytes)  16.  NEMES member Dave Robie

Cabin Fever 26.jpg (83794 bytes)  17.  Dave Bono, Dave recently gave an interesting talk at NEMES on metal forming and folding.   Dave has a plan set available for his self designed bending brake

Cabin Fever 27.jpg (71082 bytes)  18.  Standing are Larry Twiats, Ron Ginger, seated is Rollie Evans.  Rollie's display of a scale model of the boiler he is putting in his latest steam boat project drew a lot of interest in inquiries.

Cabin Fever 28.jpg (88170 bytes)  19.  Seated is Jim Cumming,  standing is Ed Wyloka (did I spell that right?)

Cabin Fever 29.jpg (82329 bytes)  20.  L to R are Frank Dorian,  Larry Twaits,  and NEMES Treasurer Rob McDougall.  If you need the use of a 72" vernier caliper Frank is the man to see!

Cabin Fever 30.jpg (88953 bytes)  21.  On the left is Dick Jones chatting with Vic Kozakiewicz

Cabin Fever 31.jpg (70385 bytes)  22.  Pride of Woodstock CT, machinist extraordinaire at the University of Connecticut and former workmate of your humble web author Errol Groff at Spirol International almost thirty years ago.  Thirty years ago, boy is that depressing!

Cabin Fever 32.jpg (80817 bytes)  23.  Member Dave Stickler

Cabin Fever 33.jpg (71302 bytes)  24.  Howard Gorin at his table.  Howard sells component parts for large scale steam locomotives

Cabin Fever 34.jpg (55851 bytes)  25.  This is Clive Dalby, long time NEMES regular

Cabin Fever 35.jpg (64480 bytes)  26.  Our Gazette editor Mike Boucher

Cabin Fever 37.jpg (37030 bytes)  27. This picture and the next two were sent by Mike Boucher our Gazette editor.  His comments are as follows....

Here are a few more photos from the web page. Unfortunately, I've blanked on who brought it. He came down on the bus, but I had never seen him before.  I should be able to get the guys name tomorrow, as I wrote it down in my notebook, but don't have that with me,  its still in the camera bag.

The engine was built by the guy's grandfather circa 1880. You can see the "builders plate" saying "A. M. Sawyer, Milbridge, Maine". It powered his watch repair shop. Two photos show the engine from different angles, and the 3rd is a detail of the craftsmanship on the cylinder/crosshead (I just wish there was less grease on it...)

Cabin Fever 38.jpg (42279 bytes)  28.

Cabin Fever 39.jpg (40907 bytes)  29.

Cabin Fever 36.jpg (67310 bytes)  30.  Sunday afternoon was departure time for the NEMES bus.  All these hearty souls gathered for this picture in sub freezing temperatures with the wind howling.  A brave band.  I left York for home on Monday and half expected to pass the bus on a long upgrade on Interstate 81.  With all the goodies that were purchased at Cabin Fever 2003 it is not surprising that the bus was riding considerably lower on the way back to Boston than is had been on the way down to York.

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