Bob and Old Glory

On March 11, 2003 posted on alt.machines.cnc an inquiry as to whether anyone had a program for engraving an American Flag. A few hours later replied that he had some spare time that day and had dawn up a flag and had it in DXF and IGS format.

I sent Bottlbob a message asking that he send me a copy of the drawing.  He did and after some delay (my middle name) I had it machined and painted.  I brought the DXF into MasterCam and scaled it to fit some 5x9  6061 aluminum that I had picked up from Admiral Metals. 

The interesting thing, to me anyway, is the fact that I am in eastern CT and Bottlbob is in California (I think).  Had I been able to get right on the task when I got his drawing it would have been less than 24 hours from drawing to machining a continent away.  Cool!

So, without further ado, here is Bob,  the world famous shop rat,  and Old Glory