Zagray Farm Museum

Quinnebaug Valley Engineers

18 July 2010

YouTube video

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If you see your machine or tool here and would like to send along a comment or paragraph about it please do so.  Send to and I will add it to the page.

DSC00426.JPG (160758 bytes)  DSC00427.JPG (160759 bytes)  This show is a Saturday and Sunday event.  I attended on Sunday and was a a bit surprised at the low attendance.  Of course it was a blistering 90 in the shade and there is not a lot of shade on the field.  Perhaps Saturday was the bigger day as the were many empty slots on the field.  But you can only go when you can go so no worries.

The Farm Museum is laid out with an area that features industrial equipment so I decided to take a loop through that area first in case my lower back decided it had enough and wanted to go home.

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DSC00436.JPG (208623 bytes)  DSC00438.JPG (166640 bytes)  Take a good look at the linkage this dozer uses to raise the blade.  

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DSC00466.JPG (213268 bytes)  I believe, but am not positive, that this sledge was used for hauling logs in the winter time.

DSC00471.JPG (211673 bytes)  I never saw a cultivator attachment like the one on this tractor before.

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