Quinnebaug Valley Engineers

Zagreb Farm

20 July 2008


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Video clip of large earth moving machinery at work. I had no sooner gotten around the bend and started filming the excavator when he decided to shut down so that part of very short. 

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DSC03992.jpg (161284 bytes)  DSC03993.jpg (119606 bytes)  DSC03994.jpg (96017 bytes)  This is Bob Chester and his nifty make and break engined tractor.  The engine drives a hydraulic pump which in turn drives the transaxle.  Bob was a marine engine instructor at the Ella T. Grasso Technical High School in Groton CT before retiring.

  Video clip of Dick Rulon's engine and pump.  Pretty short, I thought that I had taken more film but I was wrong.  Dick told me he expected to be at the upcoming Straw Hollow show so I will get more film there.

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