Yankee Steam Up 2008

New England Wireless and Steam Museum

East Greenwich RI


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27 October 2008:  I just received an email from the owner of this interesting engine/pump setup.  

    You took some pictures of the F.E.Myers pump I was running with a flat belt off a Fairbanks Morse "Z" model D engine and asked for some information.  Find attached some literature. I would appreciate a picture if it wouldn't be too much trouble.
    Rich Pilotte

Rich sent along some scans of the manuals for the engine and pump.  Photo 1  2  3  4  5  6  Pump PDF  Thanks for your contribution to the site Rich.  It is much appreciated!

MPG  WMV  DSC04691.jpg (101190 bytes)  

MPG  WMV  Steam table models

DSC04686.jpg (260711 bytes) DSC04687.jpg (115682 bytes)  DSC04688.jpg (160762 bytes)  DSC04689.jpg (158120 bytes)  DSC04690.jpg (138700 bytes) DSC04683.jpg (161910 bytes)    DSC04693.jpg (168255 bytes)  DSC04694.jpg (239095 bytes)  DSC04695.jpg (134881 bytes)  DSC04696.jpg (132007 bytes) 

DSC04697.jpg (158683 bytes)  At my request the owner of this tractor sent this information about it.

Hi Errol,
It's Tom Boyden, the owner of the orange tractor at the Steam-up. I don't know just what sort of information you wanted so I will give you a bit here.
This is a 1949 tractor, same year as me. They were made from 48 to 53 I think when the engine go more power and they became the model WD-45. Mine is a model WD.
The engine has a 4" bore and a 4" stroke for 201 cubic inches and it makes 34.6 hp at about 1600 rpm. The tractor with me on it weighs 3500 lb. From the factory they weighed more as the tires were "loaded" that is filled with a calcium chloride solution for weight/traction. I restored this tractor, it is a combination of about two and a half tractors. It took years as I didn't work on it full time. It has done well at some of the local tractor pulls in the last few years.

Thank you Tom for sending the info.  

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Do you know what these devices might be????

These tools have been identified as valve seat resurfacing tools by the company that made them.

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This section of photos are contributed by Norm Jones. Thanks Norm!

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Rollie's Open House

5 October 2008

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Earle Rich has posted some photos on flickr.com from the Open House.  Here is the link to the photos.  Thank you Rich!

http://flickr. com/photos/ mvfotog/sets/ 7215760834392461 7/

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