Yankee Steam Up 2007

New England Museum of Wireless and Steam

East Greenwich RI 

29 September 2007

The 29th September was a beautiful New England fall day.  A grand day for a day out at the Museum of Steam and Wireless.  I arrived about 8:30 AM and found a spot to set up.  I was soon joined by Ron Ginger, Norm Jones and Rollie Evans.  Les Russell and Harvey Noel were also in our group and across the field was Todd Cahill.  Set up on the steam table were members Ray HasBrouck and Dave Bono.  Another NEMES member, Fred Jaggi who is a regular volunteer at the museum was also on the field.  I know that I forgotten several more fellows who were in attendance and I apologize for that.

The day passed quickly as we talked to numerous show visitors trying to convey the enjoyment we get from a great hobby.  Many business cards with our website address were handed out and we invited many visitors to come to one of our meetings. 

Since I was exhibiting this year for the first time at the Wireless Museum I did not get around to take as many pictures as usual.  If anyone has more photos to contribute send the along and I will be happy to add them to this page.

DSC02843.jpg (157015 bytes)  Ron Ginger chats with show visitors. 

DSC02844.jpg (167433 bytes)  Ok, now I have seen pretty much everything.  Who knew that anyone would collect old flat irons.

  Dave Bono at the steam table       Ray HasBrouck engines on the steam table

  Putt Putt boats in a small pond

DSC02845.jpg (158566 bytes)  DSC02846.jpg (149398 bytes)  DSC02847.jpg (151431 bytes)  

DSC02848.jpg (135840 bytes)  DSC02849.jpg (89189 bytes)  A nice marine engine 

DSC02850.jpg (120790 bytes)  DSC02851.jpg (128974 bytes) 

DSC02852.jpg (111489 bytes)     In one conversation I had I suggested that the lady go over and see Todd Cahill's models.  She replied that she had already seen them and had not realized that they were models of engines.  She called them "kinetic sculptures"  To my mind Todd makes some of the most beautiful models and they truly are "kinetic sculptures"

DSC02853.jpg (142093 bytes)   

DSC02854.jpg (97031 bytes)

DSC02855.jpg (242986 bytes)  Dave Piper and one of his children.


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