The New England Wireless and Steam Museum

Yankee Steam Up 2006

30 September 2006 dawned bright, crisp and sunny.  A perfect fall day in New England and a great day for the annual Yankee Steam Up hosted by the Wireless and Steam Museum in East Greenwich RI.  Here are pictures I took of the event which seemed to have the best attendance I have seen in many years of going to this get together.  Great for the musuem as this is their major fund raiser of the year. 

P1010087A.JPG (105155 bytes)  P1010088A.JPG (103375 bytes)  This roller is one of the first things seen on entering the grounds from the parking field.

P1010089A.JPG (86075 bytes)

P1010090A.JPG (73487 bytes)  NEMES member Jim Paquette was set up in his usual spot near the boiler.  Sorry but I missed getting a photo of the ever popular Edgar, world famous donut hound, who was snoozing in the shade.

P1010091A.JPG (59993 bytes)  This is a view of the steam/air tables.  The building to the left is an exhibition hall and to the right is the hall of steam engines.

P1010092A.JPG (63466 bytes)  P1010107A.JPG (48966 bytes)  P1010108A.JPG (52249 bytes)  Dave Osier, NEMES member, lends his hand to provide scale

P1010120A.JPG (54148 bytes) 

P1010093A.JPG (83416 bytes)  P1010094A.JPG (63696 bytes)  P1010095A.JPG (85708 bytes)  P1010096A.JPG (69856 bytes)  P1010097A.JPG (51290 bytes) 

P1010099A.JPG (64200 bytes)  NEMES founder and long time president Ron Ginger talks with show visitors

P1010101A.JPG (113852 bytes)  P1010102A.JPG (71318 bytes)  P1010103A.JPG (103077 bytes)  P1010104A.JPG (111981 bytes)  P1010105A.JPG (65295 bytes) 

P1010106A.JPG (149500 bytes)  
P1010109A.JPG (81014 bytes)  P1010098A.JPG (150730 bytes)  P1010110A.JPG (58832 bytes)  Baxter engines, built by Colt Firearms after the Civil War.  The photo to the left is of a large engine in the steam shed,  I didn't realize the gentleman had stepped into the photo till I got home and started looking through the pictures.  Center picture is of a smaller version of the Baxter that was on display outside.

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Photos and captions by Errol Groff