New England Steam and Wireless Museum

East Greenwich RI   1 October 2005

Yankee Steam Up 2005

I arrived that the museum shortly after noon time on a beautiful fall day.  My wife dropped me off and headed for the Christmas Tree Shop in Warwick and I headed into the museum grounds.  I fired up the digital camera and set about taking pictures.  Or so I thought.  The camera wouldn't work.  Rats!  No memory card!  I reached in my bag for the spare and realized that the spare card was in the camera bag which was gone in the car with my wife.  Well, no photos today.  Just a few moments later I bumped in to a fellow I knew and recounted my tale of woe to him.  He thought that he had a memory card in his camper that might fit my camera and we went off to check  Glory be it was the right sort and I was back in business.  Thanks Mike!!!

Dave_Bono.jpg (97246 bytes)  Dave Bono, builder of live steam locos and other fine examples of the modelers art

2_Engines.JPG (94941 bytes)  These two small engines caught my eye

Big_Engine_1.JPG (55809 bytes)  The Museum has a fine collection of large engines all of which are operational under steam

  Ford_REO_2.JPG (65472 bytes)   Ford_REO.JPG (98048 bytes)  Several autos were on display.  This one is a Ford REO

Ford_T_Bird.JPG (82640 bytes)  Early Ford Thunderbird

Jaguar_XKE.JPG (92393 bytes)  This is the Jaguar XKE.  WOW

Old_Truck.JPG (100520 bytes)  Very neat old truck

General_View.JPG (75594 bytes)  View of the Meeting Hall

Green_Engine.JPG (107312 bytes) A neat "make and break" engine

Heros_Fountain.JPG (88339 bytes)  Heros_Fountain_2.JPG (56125 bytes)  Norm Jones (L) and Dave Robey talk about Norm's Hero's Fountain an ingenious fountain mechanism that uses no external power to operate.  It was invented by Hero a man who lived in Alexandria about 120 B.C.

Hot_Air_Engine.JPG (72628 bytes)  Norm's neat hot air engine

Mery_Engine.JPG (68370 bytes)  This Mery engine is a internal combustion engine.  It was also built by Norm Jones

Lathrop_1.JPG (65911 bytes)  Lathrop_2.JPG (78200 bytes)  This Lathrop engine was brought by the Mystic Seaport

Ray_Hasbrouck_1.JPG (65009 bytes)   Ray_Hasbrouck_3.JPG (51761 bytes)   One of the neat things about the Yankee Steam Up is the live steam table where modelers have a chance to run their engines under steam power.  This is one of Ray Hasbrouck's engines.   It is a model of the engine that powered the Monitor,  the first iron clad ship of the United States Civil War.  Ray specializes in designing engines which can be built without the use of castings.

Ray_Hasbrouck_2.JPG (72189 bytes)  Ray_Hasbrouck_4.JPG (53436 bytes)   Another of Ray's models.  This is a two cylinder double acting trunk engine

Ray_Hasbrouck_6.JPG (69003 bytes)  The gentleman on the right is Ray Hasbrouck.  He is discussing the engine in a steam launch which I believe is owned by the other fellow in the photo

Rollie_Evans.JPG (74079 bytes)  Rollie Evans (L) renowned builder of steam vessels 

Todd_Cahill.JPG (74105 bytes) Todd_Cahill_2.JPG (97684 bytes) Todd_Cahill_3.JPG (112289 bytes)  Three pictures of Todd Cahill's work

All photos on the page by Errol Groff

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