Wreaths Across America

Elks Lodge #2118 

Auburn/Webster MA

5 December 2011

Slide show HERE  and Video HERE 

Have you ever done something that you thought would be interesting and it turned out to be one of the best things you had done in a very long time?  That nicely describes our participation at the Elks Lodge in Auburn MA last night.

Your first question might well be what is "Wreaths Across America"? A visit to www.wreathsaacrossamerica.org will let you learn about this wonderful organization and the fine work they are doing to commemorate and honor our veterans and heroes. Please take the time to do so.

The newspaper said that the caravan would arrive in Auburn at 3:30 PM and we arrived about quarter after the hour.  I had no sooner opened the rear door of the van to get the cameras out when Terri called our that the first escort motorcycles were rolling through the gate.  I hope that you will find these photos interesting and take time out of your busy day to remember the sacrifice of those who died defending our country.

I will very much welcome whatever help anyone can give to identify any of the wonderful folks on this page please send the information to errol.groff@snet.net 

If you have a name that I could attach to a photo please hover your pointer over the photo and you will see information pop up like 

DSCO1779.jpg (25252 bytes) please send the DSCO number with your information.  I don't need the number of bytes in the photo.  

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DSC01796.jpg (149478 bytes)  I am disappointed that this photo came out so poorly but the light was very bad as it was late in the afternoon. 

The Patriot Guard riders escort the caravan as it moves from northern Maine to Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.  A few make the long ride from start to finish while others join and leave the caravan as time and schedules permit. In addition  Police and Fire companies do escort duty as the caravan passes from town to town.  

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Following the greeting outside the event moved into the Lodge hall for more honors and a very fine ziti and meatball dinner put on by the Elks.  As any regular reader of these pages knows I am OK with the picture taking but not so great at getting names to go with the photos.  I have an email sent out to the Elks Lodge asking for help with adding captions to these photos, I hope to hear back soon and will amend this page when I get more info.

  DSC01822.jpg (250885 bytes)  Exalted Ruler John H. Berube  DSC01818.jpg (204856 bytes)  

DSC01819.jpg (175282 bytes)  DSC01820.jpg (213762 bytes)  An honor guard brought the flag to the front of the hall and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the National Anthem was sung by a lady who could give lessons to the so called "stars" who regularly botch the job at public events.

DSC01823.jpg (200122 bytes)  DSC01824.jpg (191339 bytes)  At left is Morrill Worcester and his wife, at the podium is Exalted Ruler John H. Berube and to the right are a Massachusetts State Senator and Representative who presented the Worcesters with a proclamation from the state legislature honoring their work for America's veterans.

DSC01825.jpg (197990 bytes) In this photo members of the Auburn Board of Selectman present a proclimation to the Worsesters.

DSC01826.jpg (189416 bytes)  This gentleman is respponsible for laying the route the caravan will follow, where they will stop for meet and greets, where they will overnight and in general all the behind the scenes work that only happens if someone steps up and takes the responsibility.

DSC01828.jpg (205098 bytes)  DSC01829.jpg (188254 bytes)  DSC01831.jpg (214860 bytes)  DSC01833.jpg (145139 bytes)

DSC01830.jpg (156257 bytes)  (L) is Mrs. Paul LePage, first lady of the State of Maine and (R) is Mrs. Worcester.

DSC01834.jpg (134653 bytes)  DSC01835.jpg (148035 bytes)  DSC01836.jpg (190667 bytes)  To close the evening flags of the five services were display while :Here's to the Heroes" by the Ten Tenors was played.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL-0mdEg0U4

I close by thanking the Elks Lodge #2118 for the fine job they did hosting this event and their dedication to honoring the Military Fallen of our country.

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