Tod Engine Foundation

2261 Hubbard Road
Youngstown, OH 44505

One of the last stops we made on our journey was the Tod engine Foundation in Youngstown Ohio.  We were passing through there on a Sunday and I phoned Rick Rowlands to see if he could find time to show me around the site.  He was in mid-move but graciously made time to meet me at the Hubbard Road facility and we spent some time looking things over.  The Tod engine is, to say the least, enormous!  I can't picture what must be involved in moving this monster piece of old iron.  There is nothing on this engine that can be moved by hand.  Every piece is a crane or hydro jack proposition.

Thanks to Rick Rowlands for taking time to email me captions for these photos.  It is much appreciated!


1.  4461500-R1-035-16.jpg (75960 bytes)  4461500-R1-063-30.jpg (68731 bytes)  4461500-R1-065-31.jpg (72220 bytes)  

68" low pressure Corliss cylinder.  Piston rod is a hollow 11" diameter steel forging.

2.  4461500-R1-037-17.jpg (95494 bytes)

Flywheel, low pressure bedplate and high pressure cylinder under the tarp

3.  4461500-R1-039-18.jpg (72805 bytes) 

20' dia. flywheel in pit.  Each half weighs 60,000 lbs.

4.  4461500-R1-041-19.jpg (74660 bytes)

Other flywheel half waiting to be put in place.

5.  4461500-R1-043-20.jpg (89089 bytes)

Looking down the bore of the LP bedplate.  The LP cylinder bolts in place here

6.  4461500-R1-045-21.jpg (58409 bytes)

LP sole plate casting.  LP cylinder sits upon this piece which ties the cylinder to the bedplate.

7.  4461500-R1-047-22.jpg (87584 bytes)

Connecting rods, crossheads, throttle valve, receiver piping and other misc. parts waiting to be put back together

8.  4461500-R1-049-23.jpg (64019 bytes)

More parts in storage.

9.  4461500-R1-051-24.jpg (106990 bytes)

Another view of the parts

10.  4461500-R1-053-25.jpg (44751 bytes)

Main bearing for the 23" dia. crankshaft.

11.  4461500-R1-055-26.jpg (57794 bytes)

LP bedplate

12.  4461500-R1-057-27.jpg (74778 bytes)  Rick Rowlands

13.  4461500-R1-059-28.jpg (72704 bytes) 

View of crank end of the LP cylinder

14.  4461500-R1-061-29.jpg (72250 bytes)

Building we are using for offices and storage behind the park.

15.  4461500-R1-067-32.jpg (53671 bytes)  

100 ton Duff Norton screw jacks.  This beast weighs about 450 lbs. and is as old as the Tod Engine

16.  4461500-R1-069-33.jpg (81116 bytes)

Connecting rod ends

17.  4461500-R1-071-34.jpg (80553 bytes)

Throttle valve for 12" steam line

18.  4461500-R1-073-35.jpg (86640 bytes)

Valve gear rockers

19.  4461500-R1-075-36.jpg (108953 bytes)

Drive shaft support casting

20.  4461500-R1-077-37.jpg (80337 bytes)

HP cylinder and LP bed plate.

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