Van Brocklin Meet

Waushakum Live Steamers

Holliston, MA

28 June 2009

The weather pattern we have been experiencing in New England for weeks now held this weekend and Sunday, 28 June 2009 dawned gray and threatening.  But the weather gods held off their deluge long enough for the Waushakum Live Steamers to host a great day of running and riding.

NEMES member Dick Koolish beat me to the punch and posted these photos ahead of me.

Dick Koolish has reported a problem with his MAC not recognizing the MPG files.  He reports that a utility called VLC Media Player (a free download) provided a work around.  Dick says that the You Tube link worked fine on his computer.  Thanks for your input Dick!

DSC06315.jpg (166939 bytes)  Unloading cars and a diesel loco  MPG   WMV  YouTube

Suggestion for viewing MPG clips:  Right click on the icon, save target as, (I usually save to the Desktop), and save.  When the file finishes downloading double click on the desktop icon and play the video clip.  Delete as desired.

DSC06316.jpg (164217 bytes)  Joe Ng, Waushakum and NEMES member is certainly one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet.

DSC06317.jpg (207866 bytes)  This year adjacent to the equipment storage shed (L) is being built opposite the steaming bays.

DSC06318.jpg (285431 bytes)  DSC06319.jpg (292415 bytes)  (L) A new section of track has been laid but not ballasted.  Note the ground cloth laid under the track to prevent weeds from growing up through the ballast. (R) is a wye ready for installation.

DSC06320.jpg (158743 bytes) .DSC06321.jpg (181982 bytes)  DSC06322.jpg (165085 bytes)  Joe Ng's locos

DSC06323.jpg (151924 bytes)  DSC06324.jpg (154894 bytes)  Gary (sorry but I didn't catch his last name) is a fan of vertical boilers and vertical cylinders. MPG  WMV

DSC06326.jpg (207579 bytes)  DSC06328.jpg (177976 bytes)

MPG  WMV  Steaming bay views

MPG  WMV  Blue diesel loco

MPG  WMV  Battery powered yard engine.  Say what you will but this engine was out of the car and running on the main line in no time at all.

DSC06334.jpg (161839 bytes)  Roy Bear and Eddie Moose caught the attention of this little charmer.  I thought that maybe they were going to be carried off!

DSC06335.jpg (148310 bytes)  This is Juliet owned by joedy860 of Winsted CT.  Some links to the engine running at the meet are here:

DSC06336.jpg (168019 bytes)  DSC06337.jpg (147372 bytes)  DSC06338.jpg (155847 bytes)  DSC06333.jpg (174390 bytes)  DSC06332.jpg (174735 bytes)

DSC06331.jpg (176992 bytes)  DSC06330.jpg (202633 bytes)  DSC06327.jpg (176839 bytes)  DSC06325.jpg (121335 bytes)  It was great to see a number of high liner locos running. 

MPG  MPG  MPG  MPG    High line video clips

MPG  WLS   Mark and Sally from Pioneer Valley Live Steamers

DSC06339.jpg (186065 bytes)  This walk over lets one get to the other side of the high line

DSC06340.jpg (157488 bytes)  This train was visiting from Cape Cod Live Steamers  MPG  WMV

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