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23 August 2008

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WLS got lucky today and had just a great day for their event.  Sunshine, breeze and not too hot.

 I got to meet some fellows from other clubs who had come to visit WLS and generally had a fine time. I will forego any more chat and get to the photos.  As usual if I make any errors matching names to photos don't hesitate to let me know.  errol.groff@snet.net

I took a slew of photos today and will probably split this into two pages to keep the load time reasonable for you guys on dial up.

A note about the video clips:  Because they are very large files I suggest retrieving the MPG clips like this,  right click on the camera icon, then left click on "Save target as",  tell your computer where you want the file to be saved then resume browsing.  After the file is saved look at it then delete if desired.  The WMV files should work fine just by clicking on the icon.

DSC04317.jpg (112793 bytes)  DSC04318.jpg (122325 bytes)  MPG  WMV    Dave Eldridge and his Windham loco

MPG  WMV     Dick Boucher moving his loco off the roundtable

DSC04315.jpg (151434 bytes)  DSC04351.jpg (135669 bytes)  DSC04353.jpg (142783 bytes)  DSC04433.jpg (147341 bytes)  Ironton Valley Mogul #98 built and owned by Karl Godschall

DSC04319.jpg (141594 bytes)  DSC04376.jpg (148042 bytes)  DSC04377.jpg (134259 bytes)  DSC04378.jpg (135290 bytes)  DSC04379.jpg (141253 bytes) 

NYC Mikado #5509 built by and owned by Tom Nininio (above)

DSC04320.jpg (166704 bytes)  DSC04321.jpg (151294 bytes)  This loco belongs to Joe Kavanaugh of the Greater Saratoga NY area

DSC04322.jpg (101683 bytes)  DSC04324.jpg (116066 bytes) Ron Henderson of PLS  and video of Main line and high line locos  MPG  WMV

DSC04362.jpg (141895 bytes)  DSC04425.jpg (140224 bytes)  Ron's 1 1/2" Raritan 

DSC04366.jpg (107050 bytes)  DSC04368.jpg (129178 bytes)  Ron's 3\4" Raritan    Two beautiful locomotives Ron!

DSC04328.jpg (130429 bytes)  DSC04329.jpg (133781 bytes)  Dario Caiazzi's loco

DSC04394.jpg (144173 bytes)  Rich Hubbard engineer and Russ Steeves passenger on Rich's electric

DSC04332.jpg (127727 bytes)  DSC04333.jpg (123837 bytes)  DSC04335.jpg (156657 bytes)  DSC04418.jpg (170265 bytes)  DSC04419.jpg (148863 bytes)  DSC04420.jpg (191960 bytes)  

Russ Steeves gorgeous Fitchburg Northern (above

 DSC04338.jpg (135232 bytes)  Joe Cardelle (R) and Rob (ten wheeler) Guthrie (L)

DSC04337.jpg (114628 bytes)  DSC04340.jpg (103541 bytes)  Joe Cardelle loco

DSC04354.jpg (154648 bytes)  DSC04393.jpg (149552 bytes) Chris Colby

MPG   WMV     Locos on the mainline

MPG  WMB  Moving the Boston and Maine out of  the steaming bay

MPG  WMV  Main line locos

MPG  WMV    Main line and high line locos

DSC04345.jpg (187928 bytes) DSC04398.jpg (152618 bytes)  DSC04399.jpg (150677 bytes)  DSC04422.jpg (128930 bytes)  DSC04423.jpg (113051 bytes)  DSC04424.jpg (134845 bytes)  

Father Jay Finelli's loco     MPG  WMV   (above)

DSC04357.jpg (108969 bytes)  DSC04358.jpg (124484 bytes)  DSC04359.jpg (92811 bytes)  Jim Legget was down from Montreal Live Steamers and invited me to visit MLS next summer for their anniversary meet.  Looking forward to that!

DSC04363.jpg (153681 bytes)  Charton Railroad

DSC04361.jpg (108159 bytes) 

DSC04370.jpg (144173 bytes)  DSC04421.jpg (143406 bytes)  Pennsy A3 #6 built and owned by Ron Shupard Jr.  He couldn't make it to WLS so his Dad (Ron Sr.) gladly ran the loco on his behalf

DSC04369.jpg (185216 bytes)  DSC04364.jpg (159045 bytes)  DSC04365.jpg (139380 bytes)   

DSC04372.jpg (143877 bytes)  DSC04373.jpg (125026 bytes)  DSC04428.jpg (118669 bytes)  Joe Tanski locos

DSC04375.jpg (162671 bytes)  DSC04371.jpg (165150 bytes)  NKP Berkshire #757 built and owned by John Bortz Sr..  

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