Waushakum Live Steamers Spring Steam Up

20 May 2012

Slide Show HERE

This weekend turned out to be only a fraction of what was planned and anticipated.  I came down with a mystery virus or something early last week and was out of commission for days.  By the time the weekend rolled around I was on an antibiotic for possible Lyme Disease and was supposed to stay out of the sun due to a possible sunstroke side effect.  So, Saturday's trip to the Cranberry Flywheelers in Plymouth MA had to be by canceled.  Joint to that my wife wanted to go to the Rhododendron festival at the Heritage Gardens in Sandwich MA and that was lost also.  The plan had been for me to cruise through the parking lot at the Gardens, slow down enough for her to bail out with minimal chance of severe injury, and proceed to Plymouth a few miles up the road.  Of course I was going to go back and pick her up later in the day!

Sunday I was able to get on up to Holliston for the Steam Up but had to dodge from shade to shade.  I thought I was going to burst into flames like a cinema vampire! I took the following photos and a very few moment of video before calling it a day and retreating home.  I did have a wonderful talk with Les Russell and Gil Greenberg and we made tentative plans for an outing to the Submarine Force Museum, home of the U.S.S. Nautilus.  It will be nice to something that is 10 minutes from my home rather than the one or two hours that most events seem to be.

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