Waushakum Spring Steam Up

17 May 

I had set the alarm for 7:00 AM but when I rolled our of bed the rain was pouring down so I crashed back into bed for a few minutes.  Two hours later I tried again and the rain had stopped so we piled into the car and headed north to Holliston.  Upon arriving it was overcast but not raining so that was good.  There seemed to be a light turnout to the track but several trains were running on the main line and on the high line with more building steam in the bays so we were glad hat we had made the trip.

A note about the video clips:  The WMV clips should load fairly quickly just by double clicking on the icon.  The MPG files however are much larger and I suggest the following technique.  Right click on the icon and then left click on "Save Target As".  Tell your computer where you want to save the file to and click on Save.  After the file downloads you can view the video clip.  In the meantime please enjoy the rest of the page.  You might try viewing the WMV clip first and then, if you would like to see the clip in more detail download the MPG version.


MPG  WMV  Steaming Bay Trolley

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MPG   WMV  Highline action

MPG   WMV  Highline action

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Terri and the boys rode the main line a number of times and I hooked a ride with Joe Ng on the main line that was a blast!

Left photo Terri Groff with the boys Roy Bear and Eddie Moose.  Right photo includes George Gallant's wife.   


DSC06180.jpg (178286 bytes)  DSC06176.jpg (154049 bytes)  DSC06181.jpg (175046 bytes)  DSC06182.jpg (156671 bytes)  Joe Ng leaves the depot with another train load of passengers. Joe's loco is sporting a fresh new coat of shiny black paint, it used to be green. 

MPG  WMV    Riding with Joe Ng on the mainline.  This is a 5 minute 45 second video so even with a fast connection the MPG version will take a long time to download, BUT,  (just my humble opinion of course) I think that it is worth the time.  

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