Waushakum Spring Steam Up

20 May 2007


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DSC01625.JPG (155736 bytes)  When we left Norwich CT the weather was pretty good.  By the time we got up to Holliston MA it was raining lightly with occasional downpours.  The parking field at Waushakum was pretty swampy!

DSC01626.JPG (177366 bytes)  This very nice loco wearing New York Central livery sat unattended the whole time we were there.

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DSC01633.JPG (128221 bytes)  Although the weather was pretty poor there was a wide variety of trains to be admired.

This next row of photos is of Joe Ng's locomotive.  The fellow in the first photo in the blue jacket is my Daughters father in law John Dombrowski.  John has been an HO modeler for many yeas and has an encyclopedic knowledge of locomotives.  And a very nice guy too boot.  We had a nice day out together.

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DSC01639.JPG (140775 bytes)  DSC01640.JPG (159724 bytes)  DSC01641.JPG (148857 bytes) 

DSC01642.JPG (128247 bytes) 

DSC01643.JPG (199674 bytes) This young fellow is just what the hobby needs.  He was intensely interested in live steam, asked intelligent questions and was rewarded with a driving lesson on the high line.

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