Waushakum Live Steamers

Holliston MA

26 and 27 August 2011

Slide Show HERE and YouTube video HERE

I headed up to WLS on Friday afternoon (26 August) with Terri, Roy Bear and Eddie Moose.  The boys wanted a train ride and Terri always likes to get out of town if only for and afternoon.  The day was sunny and wicked hot in the sun but comfortable in the shade.  The parking area was fairly full when we got to the track but we found a spot that wasn't hip deep in mud from the previous rain.  I took pictures, Terri chatted with Bea Boucher and the boys waited for their ride.

On the following day (Saturday) I headed back up to the track to take more photos and kept one eye on the sky since Hurricane Ilene was trudging northward. I stayed a couple of hours and was glad I had made the trip since I got to talk with a number of folks I hadn't seen on Friday.  I headed home and arrived back in S.E. CT well ahead of any serious rain.  At this point we are awaiting the hurricane to see what it will bring.

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