Waushakum Meet

Summer 2006


August 25, 26 and 27 2006 was the weekend for the Waushakum Live Steamers Annual Meet Weekend.  I went up and Saturday and was glad that I chose that day since the next day was a rain-o-rama.   I know nothing about live steam and will welcome all help in identifying locos, people and anything else anyone has to offer.

Contact me please at errol.groff@snet.net

I was very impressed with the show grounds.  Everything was beautifully kept and order was evident throughout.  Congratulations to the members of WLS.

Captions marked with a * were contributed by Mike Boucher of NEMES  Thanks Mike

Captions marked with ** were contributed by John Mentzer

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Photo #3  A  view of the transfer table and the Billy Van Brocklin Engine House. The High Line's main line is in the foreground.**

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Photo #5 is Sam Pool (the red headed fellow) of Gloucester, MA. The engine is owned by the Charlton Railroad, and is probably 50 years old or so.* 

This additional information about photo #5 was received on 16 September 2006.  Thanks Keith!

I was just looking at your meet photos, and I have a slight correction to a caption. Photo No. 5, with Sam Pool shows a locomotive I owned at one time, and it is not 50 years old. It was built by the late Jim Maxheimer, of Pennsylvania, then owned by Ray Scott, and then John De~Stephanis, and then by me (Keith Taylor) I sold it to David Knowles, and how it came to be owned by the Charleston RR I don't know. It is a heavy and smooth running locomotive, and a testament to builder Jim Maxheimer's skill. I believe the locomotive was finished in the late 1970's, so is a bit over thirty years old. I'm glad to see it's in good hands and I bet it is still a smooth running powerful locomotive!
Keith Taylor, Jefferson, Maine

Photo #6  shows Mike McClure of Nashua(?). Mike owns Railway Supply Co. Engine built by Lindy Knight of Maine.*

Photo #8  The engine and the couple riding are from the Montreal Live Steamers.**  Jim Leggett of the MLS has just sent along (24 September 2006) this information about the loco and its' engineer.  "The engineer is Steve Filiatrault and his girlfriend Melanie (last name?). The loco was built by A.W. Leggett and is essentially a "Turnbull 10-wheeler". The loco was finished by Harry Turnbull and Bob Steadman after Leggett's death. It is currently owned by Jean-Roch Beauvais of MLS."

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Photo #10 shows engines owned by Bill Evans from Montreal Live Steamers *

Photo #11 Nickel Plate Berkshire built by John Bortz of PA.*

Photo #12 Russ Steeves "Fitchburg Northern"*

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Photo #13  The kid in the CAT hoodie is a member of Finger Lakes Live Steamers. Ground track in background is
the lead from the Transfer Table to the outer loop.**

Photo #15  Harold Crouch from Western NY. Harold used to work for the New York Central, so he probably worked on the prototype of this model*

Photos 16 - 21  This sequence show a loco being moved off the roundtable onto a steaming bay

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Photos #22 and 24 are of Sam Pool*

Photo #23 shows Bill Evans with his 3/4" Duchess of Atholl. She was built by Jack Hewitson in 1936. Jack built over 40 3/4"scale locos.  (Thanks to Jim Leggett of MLS)

Photo #24  Gent standing with his arms folded is Dick Symmes, curator of the Walker Transportation Collection
of the Beverly MA Historical Society. **

Photos #25 - 33   The gent in the gray shirt/blue ball cap is a member of Pennsylvania Live Steamers. I think his
name is John Bortz. Assisting him is WLS's Jed Weare (green shirt, yellow cap). Jed developed and
installed the signals that control trains headed into the station area. **

Photos 26 - 31  Sequence show the unloading of several cars from a trailer, onto the hydraulic lift and then onto the tracks

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Photo #33   Seated, older gent is the person who built NKP 757 (the engine that pulls the train being
unloaded). He's John's dad. I don't recall his name. Jed (operating unloading table) is talking to
WLS Secretary Jim McGrath (white shirt/white hat). **

Photo #36  Paul Pool of Gloucester, MA. His company "Plum Cove Models", produces a kit for that battery operated engine. Inexpensive way into outdoor railroading. *

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Photo #37  Chris Colby's B&M R-1d 4-8-2.*

Photo 39 shows Eric Steinberg of the Long Island Live Steamers with his 1" LE Atlantic (Thank you Jim Leggett)

Photo #41  Water pumping engine rescued from Chestnut Hill pumping station. IIRC, this was used to pump out any water which overflowed out of the main pumps, basically a sump pump... (the "real" water pumping engines were 30 feet high!)*

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Photo #43  Dave Bono NEMES member and his wife Romaine

Photo #46  engine owned by Jimi Smith of Marlboro *

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