Waushakum Live Steamers

7 August 2010


The boys and I took a ride up to Holliston today to see what was shaking at WLS.  Turns out that Wednesdays and Saturdays are "work days" at the track so no one was running.  I didn't mind but the boys were disappointed to not have a train ride.  Well, they will get over it and in a couple of weeks we will be back up there for the 40th Annual Meet. 

It was, however, a great opportunity to walk the track and take photos of parts of the layout that I don't normally get to see. 

If someone from WLS would care to take a moment to send an email with some names to go with these photos that would be great.  errol.groff@snet.net

There were perhaps six or eight fellows doing various necessary tasks around the track and were happy to talk with me. 

OK. So we start off with some snaps of the great advertising sign outside a restaurant in Mendon MA.  Mendon is on Route 16 which is the road I take to get to Holliston.  I have passed this sign I don't know how many times and finally stopped a took some photos of it.  NEAT!

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On to the track photos.

DSC00524.JPG (220546 bytes) 

DSC00528.JPG (160893 bytes)  DSC00531.JPG (131100 bytes)  DSC00533.JPG (185023 bytes)  DSC00534.JPG (162953 bytes)  Exterior and interior shots of the storage trailers

DSC00535.JPG (163040 bytes)  Interior shot of the storage building near the steaming bays

DSC00532.JPG (233456 bytes)  View of the area past the ballast pile

DSC00525.JPG (227479 bytes)  Filling bucket with ballast for trimming (probably not the right term) low spots in the track

DSC00526.JPG (189950 bytes)  DSC00527.JPG (211615 bytes)  A stack of straight sections

DSC00530.JPG (209443 bytes)  Moving a wye section of track into place

DSC00536.JPG (215855 bytes)  DSC00537.JPG (215969 bytes)  DSC00538.JPG (230896 bytes)  DSC00540.JPG (563663 bytes)  DSC00541.JPG (119447 bytes)  DSC00542.JPG (240590 bytes)  DSC00543.JPG (232072 bytes)  DSC00545.JPG (128463 bytes)  DSC00546.JPG (232395 bytes)  DSC00547.JPG (222047 bytes)  DSC00548.JPG (235863 bytes)  DSC00549.JPG (234446 bytes)  DSC00550.JPG (240572 bytes)  DSC00551.JPG (124836 bytes)  DSC00552.JPG (224862 bytes)  DSC00553.JPG (220731 bytes)  DSC00554.JPG (234939 bytes)  DSC00555.JPG (142554 bytes)  DSC00557.JPG (209651 bytes)  DSC00560.JPG (119439 bytes)  DSC00561.JPG (182973 bytes)  DSC00562.JPG (150247 bytes)  DSC00563.JPG (196123 bytes)  DSC00564.JPG (241899 bytes)  DSC00565.JPG (210156 bytes)  DSC00566.JPG (204134 bytes)  DSC00567.JPG (231032 bytes)  DSC00568.JPG (233313 bytes)  DSC00569.JPG (130574 bytes)  DSC00570.JPG (137038 bytes)  DSC00571.JPG (205023 bytes)  I hope that you enjoyed this tour or the Waushakum Live Steamers.

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