Waushakum Live Steamers

New Years Day Steam Up

1 January 2012

Slide Show HERE   Video HERE

Another New Years day has arrived and we are all thankful for the opportunity to enjoy our hobby for another year. The day was mild (compared to some other years!) and there was a pretty good turnout a the meet. 

Here are the photos I took today with some short video coming along soon.  I was heartened to see a group of young fellows dealing with their loco.  They seemed to be troubleshooting the machine in a  orderly manner and I especially like that no adults butted in to help them.  Figuring things out for yourself is the best way to learn I firmly believe!

DSC01897.jpg (316218 bytes)  DSC01906.jpg (215406 bytes)  DSC01907.jpg (204099 bytes) 

DSC01908.jpg (242354 bytes)  Russ Steeves exchanges New Years greetings with Roy Bear and Eddie Moose

DSC01898.jpg (261544 bytes)  With the sun so low on the horizon only the parking lot was in sunshine.

DSC01899.jpg (251667 bytes)  DSC01900.jpg (145815 bytes)  DSC01901.jpg (224281 bytes)  DSC01902.jpg (200782 bytes) 

DSC01903.jpg (223383 bytes)  DSC01904.jpg (272797 bytes)  DSC01905.jpg (273474 bytes)  DSC01911.jpg (202415 bytes)  << The tall fellow with the cap and sun glasses is the son of Beryl Rosenthal who is Director of the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum. If you have not had the opportunity to visit the museum please make time to do so.  www.waterworksmuseum.org  The guy wearing the hooded sweatshirt is Alex Karnes (the loco is his) and also seen are Jimmy Connor and Colt Stewart but I don't know which is which.

DSC01909.jpg (354758 bytes)  DSC01912.jpg (314394 bytes)  DSC01913.jpg (267741 bytes)  DSC01914.jpg (280834 bytes)  DSC01916.jpg (292984 bytes)  DSC01917.jpg (363340 bytes)  DSC01918.jpg (340023 bytes)  DSC01919.jpg (281692 bytes)  DSC01920.jpg (282501 bytes)  DSC01921.jpg (283785 bytes)  DSC01922.jpg (329986 bytes)  DSC01923.jpg (135138 bytes)  DSC01925.jpg (373461 bytes)  DSC01926.jpg (350432 bytes)  DSC01927.jpg (367473 bytes)  DSC01928.jpg (337985 bytes)  DSC01929.jpg (331451 bytes)  DSC01930.jpg (266363 bytes)  Last year someone wanted close up of the crossover and I wasn't happy with the photo I posted.  I think these are better so I hope that he seem them.

DSC01931.jpg (333715 bytes)  DSC01932.jpg (286129 bytes)  DSC01933.jpg (281081 bytes)

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