Waushakum Live Steamers

New Year's Day


You tube video here

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DSC08408.jpg (179599 bytes)  The boys and I had no sooner gotten to the track when Joe Ng waved us over to hop onto this train.  I got to ride in the blue upholstered behind Billy, the engineer.  Way more comfortable than the bench seat I can tell you!

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DSC08426.jpg (167226 bytes)  (L) Bea Bouchard and Norm Jones

DSC08421.jpg (142480 bytes)  (L) Joe Ng and Les Russell 

DSC08423.jpg (179544 bytes)  DSC08425.jpg (173933 bytes)  NEMES president Dick Boucher.  Over his right shoulder is my Ford Escort wagon which just rolled over 300,000 miles. No sense staying home when there are places to go and trains to photograph.

DSC08427.jpg (177865 bytes)  DSC08429.jpg (144626 bytes)  DSC08430.jpg (186599 bytes)  DSC08428.jpg (184391 bytes)  The boys caught a ride with these kids and their Mom.  Thanks!

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