New Years Day Steam Up 2010

Waushakum Live Steamers

Holliston, MA

New Years Day 2010 was toasty warm compared to 2009.  While I was at the track there was only one diesel loco running but the boys managed to get their start of the year ride so they were happy.  There were maybe 30 cars in the lot and about 50 or 60 folks milling about having a good holiday fellowship.

  Short video on YouTube

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DSC07588.JPG (103456 bytes)  DSC07595.JPG (134731 bytes)  (L) Roy Bear and Eddie Moose next to Russ Steeves cannon

DSC07591.JPG (125787 bytes)  DSC07592.JPG (132157 bytes)  DSC07593.JPG (143678 bytes)  DSC07594.JPG (123535 bytes)  DSC07596.JPG (145246 bytes)  DSC07597.JPG (124868 bytes)  DSC07598.JPG (147435 bytes)  This gracious lady volunteered to take the boys for a ride.

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