New Years Day Steam-Up

Waushakum Live Steamers

Holliston, MA

When I left the house this morning at about 8:00AM, with echoes of "damn fools" ringing in my ears the temperature was in the single digits.  But the boys and I forged ahead to the Steam-Up full of enthusiasm.  A little cold weather was not going to stop us, no sir!

When we got to Holliston it had not warmed up AT ALL and we were glad to duck into the relative shelter of the club house.  As always we were made to feel welcome and the boys even got hugs and kisses from two very nice ladies.  WooHoo. 

The Waushakum club house uses a heat pump for heating and, while there is heat in the air down to absolute zero, when the temp is in single digits a heat pump is straining to extract a useful amount of heat.  After about an hour or so the temp in the clubhouse got up above forty (toasty) and everyone had a fine time socializing. 

January 1 is WLS president Jim O'Brien's birthday and there was a cake, noise makers and much merriment to help him celebrate. 

DSC05310.jpg (74510 bytes) NEMES member Russ Steeves       MPG     WMV  Russ' excellent breech loader canon

DSC05311.jpg (98934 bytes) Norm Jones dressed for the weather

DSC05312.jpg (60580 bytes)  Russ and Rich Hubbard                                DSC05313.jpg (75030 bytes) Les Russell

DSC05314.jpg (144103 bytes)  DSC05315.jpg (91899 bytes)  DSC05316.jpg (65173 bytes)  Joe Ng (C)

DSC05317.jpg (130032 bytes)  DSC05318.jpg (127443 bytes)  It was even too cold to get the gas powered engine to run

DSC05319.jpg (169978 bytes)  DSC05320.jpg (160623 bytes)  DSC05321.jpg (105601 bytes)  This sure is desolate compared to a summer run day

DSC05322.jpg (127585 bytes)  The guys tried to blow out some lines but I don't think they were successful

DSC05323.jpg (95224 bytes)  DSC05325.jpg (75841 bytes)  DSC05328.jpg (96878 bytes)  DSC05329.jpg (96386 bytes)  DSC05330.jpg (114046 bytes)  DSC05332.jpg (96542 bytes)  DSC05335.jpg (94813 bytes)  DSC05336.jpg (137431 bytes)  DSC05337.jpg (126227 bytes)  DSC05338.jpg (80894 bytes) MPG     WMV    Video clip of the clubhouse festivities

DSC05327.jpg (73952 bytes)  DSC05326.jpg (119680 bytes) Jim O'Brien the birthday boy

DSC05333.jpg (83626 bytes)  They start them early at WLS

DSC05331.jpg (130758 bytes)  DSC05340.jpg (127114 bytes) Dick Boucher, who has a great sense of humor, volunteered to be photographed with the buy, Roy Bear and Eddie Moose, to prove that "we were there"!

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