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Waushakum Live Steamers

1 January 2008

Last year I wimped out of going to the WLS New Years Day Steam Up since it was freezing rain at my home.  This year even though rain and snow were forecast I headed out at 7:30 AM up I395 to Holliston MA for the event.  I arrived about 9:30 having spent a considerable time wandering the wilds of Holliston looking for the right road.  My GPS gadget didn't want accept Hudson Street as an address so I finally gave up and called home.  I asked my wife fire up the computer then I talked her through Googling WLS and looking up the address.  Ahhh.  Arthur Street.  Don't know where on earth I had gotten Hudson Street stuck in my head.  Now the GPS said that I was only 2.6 miles from the club's site and I quickly found it. 

Here are some photos and video I took.  Other NEMES members were there and I hope to add more photos after the meeting on this coming Thursday.  The video clips are more jumpy than I usually strive for but my excuse is that the snow was uneven and I had some trouble keeping my balance. 

  Video Clip 1.  Look for Todd Cahill and his companion about half way through

  Video Clip 2. 

http://youtube.com/watch?v=zgmtXau7IE4  will take you to a neat video by NEMES member Joe Ng.  Joe mounted his video cam on a flat car hooked in front of the locomotive and ran it around the high line at Waushakum.  Shot in the summer so no snow but it is a really neat video.

DSC02996.jpg (144746 bytes) That is my 1997 Ford Escort wagon on the right.  Just shy of 250,000 miles on it and going strong.  So far.

DSC02997.jpg (115331 bytes)  Rich Hubbard (L) and Russ Steeves

DSC02998.jpg (72716 bytes) A bit of photo silliness

DSC02999.jpg (93156 bytes)  DSC03000.jpg (87292 bytes)  The boys and I had a wonderful ride through the woods on the main line.  Cold and snowy but GREAT..

DSC03001.jpg (108388 bytes)  DSC03006.jpg (117414 bytes)   DSC03002.jpg (119621 bytes)  DSC03003.jpg (127205 bytes) 

DSC03004.jpg (84913 bytes)  Dick Boucher, NEMES president

DSC03005.jpg (117585 bytes)  L to R are Norm Jones, Dick Boucher and Les Russell

As promised here are some photos sent in from Norm Jones.  Thanks Norm! Added 4 Jan 2008

DSCF2821.jpg (132725 bytes)  DSCF2822.jpg (107459 bytes)    

DSCF2823.jpg (141272 bytes)  DSCF2824.jpg (160236 bytes)  (L) that is Errol Groff with "the boys" Roy Bear and Eddie Moose.  Great traveling companions.  In the photo on the right is (L to R) Dick Boucher,  Errol Groff, Les Russell and the rarely photographed Howard Gorin.  Every time I try to get Howard in a photo he runs (slowly) in the other direction but Norm must have the magic touch to convince him to have his image taken. 

DSCF2825.jpg (107702 bytes)  DSCF2827.jpg (168189 bytes)  What a colorful loco in the right hand photo.

DSCF2828.jpg (159037 bytes)  Right in the front is Russ Steeves and standing behind him is president Dick Boucher.  I'm sorry but I don't know the rest of the fellows in the group.  Perhaps some kind soul will send in some names to go with the photo.

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