N.E.M.E.S. at N.S.O.C.C.

27 June 2010

Topsfield MA

One of our members, Ed Rogers, is active in both our group (NEMES) and the North Shore Old Car Club.  Several years ago he invited us to set up a display in conjunction with the car club's June show at the Topsfield Fair Ground.  Since then a number of us have enjoyed our visit to the car show and had many pleasant chats with car owners and public visitors to the show. 

DSC00206.JPG (129167 bytes)  Dick Boucher setting up  DSC00207.JPG (133878 bytes)   Ed Rogers and Herb Cotterly (wearing cap)

If you were at the show and are viewing this page and would like to send along a note or paragraph about your car I will be happy to add it to the page.  errol.groff@snet.net

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DSC00260.JPG (136653 bytes)  The boys try out the Reo for size.  Folks were great about letting the guys set on and in their cars.  They can milk the "cute" thing for all it's worth!

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