North Shore Old Car Club

Topsfield Fairground 22 June 2008


Once again NEMES was invited to participate at the NSOCC show.  I left home at 6:00 AM with a threatening sky but pressed on.  At 8:15 I arrived at the fairground and was the first NEMES member there.  I found the site where we were set up last year and started to put up my canopy.  Les Russell and Herb Cotterly soon arrived and Ed Rodgers followed close behind.  A number of the usual suspects came after a bit and we were set for the day.

At about 2:00 the skies turned dark and antique cars started disappearing at an astonishing rate.  The wind came up and we started taking down canopies and breaking down displays as quick as we could before we got drowned.  Still, it was a fine day and great fellowship.

  Video clip in MPG format

  Same video in WMV format

I am very interested in learning what folks prefer.  If you would kindly take time to watch both and let me know which works better for you on your computer.   The WMV (3.4KB) will probably load much quicker but is of lower quality than the MPG (41.3KB) clip.  A trade off.  I prefer the better quality of the MPG format myself.

DSC03816.jpg (178881 bytes) Norm Jones  DSC03820.jpg (111911 bytes) L is Norm's Ryder Ericcson and R is his Mery Engine

DSC03819.jpg (111742 bytes)  L to R are Les Russell, Herb Cotterly and Ed Rodgers

DSC03821.jpg (111317 bytes) L to R are Herb, Max ben Aaron, Les and Norm

DSC03849.jpg (142133 bytes) 

I am not much of an old car person but I did wander about taking photos of cars and trucks that caught my eye.

DSC03822.jpg (143174 bytes)  DSC03823.jpg (159274 bytes)  DSC03824.jpg (112705 bytes)  DSC03825.jpg (150000 bytes) 

DSC03827.jpg (154274 bytes)  DSC03828.jpg (149046 bytes)  DSC03829.jpg (159006 bytes)  DSC03830.jpg (133619 bytes)

DSC03831.jpg (145391 bytes)  DSC03832.jpg (132924 bytes)  DSC03833.jpg (118485 bytes)  DSC03834.jpg (118079 bytes)  DSC03835.jpg (123842 bytes)

One of my co-workers is an owner and fan of VW Things so these photos are for him.

DSC03836.jpg (151367 bytes)  DSC03814.jpg (227390 bytes)  DSC03837.jpg (137462 bytes)  

DSC03838.jpg (172459 bytes)  DSC03839.jpg (153234 bytes)  I do have a bit of a soft spot for 58 Chevys since I learned to drive in one.

DSC03840.jpg (107401 bytes)  DSC03841.jpg (164363 bytes)  DSC03842.jpg (151447 bytes)  DSC03843.jpg (118729 bytes)

DSC03844.jpg (135990 bytes)  DSC03848.jpg (115161 bytes) 

DSC03845.jpg (139093 bytes)  DSC03846.jpg (110424 bytes)  DSC03847.jpg (126875 bytes)  This was a beautifully matched car and trailer

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