North Shore Old Car Club

Topsfield Fair Ground 24 June 2007

For the number of years members of NEMES have been invited to exhibit at the NSOCC show in Topsfield MA.  Ed Rogers who is a long time member of NEMES is also a member of NSOCC and he has been the driving force in getting our participation in this show.  So, in keeping with my effort this year to visit shows which I have not previously visited at 6:00 AM I hit the road to drive up into the wilds of Massachusetts.  While I am not a great car enthusiast I can't help but admire the workmanship and dedication shown in the displays.  To me a car is a device to get me from one spot to another and, hopefully, home again.  My current car, a 1997 Ford Escort wagon, will be ten years old in October and has about 235,000 miles on the odometer.  As I say it gets me there and home again.

DSC01969.JPG (118642 bytes)  Ed Rogers (L) and Herb Cotterly    Setting up the display

DSC01970.JPG (110695 bytes)  Ed and a friend from the NSOCC

DSC01971.JPG (68949 bytes)  Don't know this fellow but he sure seemed to be enjoying the day 

DSC01972.JPG (131934 bytes)  Ed works on getting one of his many engines running

DSC01974.JPG (119076 bytes)  DSC01975.JPG (145481 bytes)  Near us was a great display of classic pick up trucks

DSC01976.JPG (120836 bytes)  DSC01977.JPG (123796 bytes) 

DSC01978.JPG (126545 bytes)  dodge Power Wagon

DSC01979.JPG (134225 bytes)  DSC01980.JPG (123848 bytes)  DSC01981.JPG (142797 bytes)  As far as I am concerned anyone who travels with teddy bears is OK!

DSC01982.JPG (122144 bytes)  DSC01983.JPG (116356 bytes)  DSC01984.JPG (121334 bytes) 

DSC01986.JPG (123663 bytes) 

DSC01987.JPG (101877 bytes)  The "fairway" contained an assortment of vendors selling a wide variety of auto related stuff

DSC01989.JPG (147004 bytes)  A great old manual pumper

DSC01990.JPG (149987 bytes) 

DSC01992.JPG (135131 bytes)  Max ben Aaron chats with Herb  DSC01993.JPG (129948 bytes)  Ed fusses with an engine  

DSC01994.JPG (133739 bytes)  Rollie Gaucher chats with a visitor and Norm Jones sets up his Sterling engine 

DSC01996.JPG (106310 bytes) 


DSC01997.JPG (149181 bytes)  DSC01998.JPG (158693 bytes)  DSC01999.JPG (159711 bytes) DSC02000.JPG (138312 bytes)  DSC02002.JPG (113377 bytes)

DSC02003.JPG (140713 bytes)  DSC02004.JPG (146280 bytes)  DSC02005.JPG (122758 bytes)  DSC02006.JPG (117352 bytes)  DSC02008.JPG (158085 bytes)

DSC02010.JPG (175383 bytes)  DSC02009.JPG (157715 bytes) 

DSC02011-1.JPG (168396 bytes)  DSC02012.JPG (165529 bytes)  DSC02013.JPG (134460 bytes)  DSC02014-1.JPG (141727 bytes)

DSC02015-1.JPG (152684 bytes)  DSC02016-1.JPG (168356 bytes)

DSC02017-1.JPG (124519 bytes)  Max (F) and Jeff Del Pappa go for a ride on Jeff's recumbent bike.  

  Jeff took me on a "ride of terror".  I plopped into, or perhaps onto, his bike which I am now sure is the work of the devil.  Off we went with me trying to keep control of the camera, pedal AND steer.  Who know that the front seat guy had the steering!  Anyway, the world goes by faster when your butt is only inches off the ground.  We looped around a small portion of the fair ground and managed to arrive back at the starting point unscathed.  Thanks Jeff for the adventure.

DSC02018-1.JPG (65892 bytes) NEMES member Frank Stouffer

DSC02019-1.JPG (138641 bytes)  DSC02020-1.JPG (80760 bytes)  Our new signs first outing. 

DSC02021-1.JPG (138260 bytes)  Eddie Moose and Roy Bear never pass up a chance for a road trip.

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